10 Reasons to Join the SCLA Honor Society

What is SCLA?

SCLA stands for “The Society for Collegiate Leadership & Achievement.” Operating nationwide, they’re a modern-day Honor society for college students.

Is the SCLA legit? Absolutely! The Honor Society has been operating for decades, helping ambitious students thrive.


woman celebrating graduation with a diploma

Whether you’re looking for scholarship opportunities, exclusive internship openings, or an experienced mentor, honor societies are the way to go. However, the perks don’t stop there.

Is becoming a member of the SCLA honor society the right move for you? Read on to find out!

1. Rich Exciting History

Do you want to be part of an organization with a rich and exciting history? The SCLA Honor society has been around for decades, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. The organization provides the community to promote collegiate leadership, along with achievement!

The Honor society is considered multidisciplinary and is active in hundreds of colleges nationwide. With thousands of members, it is the goal of the SCLA to maximize student growth through the development of powerful skills.

One of the ways they help students grow their skills is by providing all sorts of training content. The training content can apply to a variety of successful career paths.

However, the SCLA has a history of doing much more than simply providing training. They also give members access to a lively mentor who can hold your hand and walk you through each step of your vocation.

Next, the SCLA has a history of fostering a strong peer community. You’ll gain instant access to insider interviews for your career path, along with internship opportunities!

2. Great Core Values

How can you build character? By following core values. The scale Honor society has ten core values that they track closely. The first value is the pursuit of excellence.

The second core value is innovating and driving change, which pairs wonderfully with the third core value of embracing knowledge and intellectual pursuits.

The 4th and 5th values center around growth and open-minded ways of being. Instead of treating college as an opportunity to blend in, it can become a chance to sculpt your viewpoints. That’s why the sixth core value is to pursue leadership and take the initiative!

Moving on, building a positive team and embracing family spirit is the 7th core value for the SCLA Honor society. Next, the 9th core value is to do more with less. In other words, use your resources wisely!

Finally, the 9th and 10th core values are all about being passionate, determined, and humble. By practicing all of the core values that the SCLA society promotes, you’ll become a productive individual!

3. Variety of Membership Tiers

Like most students, you have a unique set of needs and wants for your educational career. That’s why the SCLA customizes its memberships to meet each student’s set of goals. You can choose from several different membership tiers when you join an honor society.

There are three different membership tiers in total. They are bronze, silver, and gold. You can also look into exclusive premium memberships that come with even more perks.

The bronze membership starts at $65, and you’ll pay that due semiannually. Silver memberships cost $100 semiannually, and gold memberships cost $150 semiannually.

Don’t simply look at the price, though. Remember, you’ll be gaining access to invaluable benefits that can skyrocket your career! Having a like-minded, goal-oriented community can be the key to success as a college student.

The Honor Society is designed to be a technology and benefit-motivated society. As a result, they partner with all sorts of exclusive services to help members get the tools they need. Your membership dues also give you access to exclusive benefits, such as select scholarship applications.

You’ll have access to test prep courses, specialized discounts, free career guides, and more. The value of all the student resources you have could easily total $1,000 or more. However, you’ll have to pay your semi-annual membership dues to receive all of the value available. Keep in mind that the Honor society membership is nationally recognized. You’ll be able to enjoy benefits far outside the reach of your hometown college.

4. Use the Honor Society Store

College is a significant life milestone worth getting a few souvenirs from. Once you become an SCLA member, you’ll have instant access to the exclusive Honor society store. You’ll be able to set yourself apart from the crowd during your graduation, all with the help of customized apparel.

The SCLA Honor society store has everything you could need. From clothing apparel to honor stalls, chords, license plate frames, and more!

If you want a little bit of everything, we suggest looking at the grad pack. There’s even a deluxe grad pack option.

The deluxe graduation pack offers an Honor society medallion, chords, stole, keychain, water bottle, hat, and sling bag. You’ll have all the swag you could want to remember your college days and style.

As you shop around, you’ll find that all of the products available are high quality. The honor cords are particularly unique, with their intertwined gold and blue colors. If you want an Honor society shield medallion, you can order with an enamel logo engraved on the back.

The Honor society store doesn’t cheap out when it comes to materials. For instance, their t-shirts are 100% pre-shrunk and ringspun cotton. The double-needle stitched sleeves and crisp bottom hem will fit nicely.

5. Mastercard Rewards Opportunities

Wouldn’t it be great to earn a college degree while also building your credit? Financial experts suggest finding the right credit card to help boost your overall score.

The honor society can help students by offering unique opportunities with MasterCard reward programs. Students will have a chance to establish their credit while qualifying for all sorts of goodies!

For instance, the rewards program provides students with 1% cashback on their purchases. Another bonus is qualifying for one free year of Amazon prime, the student edition.

Not to mention all of the MasterCard Platinum benefits of traditional applications. For instance, some rewards programs provide free cell phone protection for up to $600. Members can enjoy a collision damage waiver to submit claims quickly.

Next, MasterCard Platinum benefits include free international transactions. You’ll never have to worry about international transaction fees or an annual fee, for that matter.

You should note that there isn’t any social security number required for international students to submit a MasterCard application.

6. Future Framework for Success

Moving on, the Honor society provides students with an opportunity to showcase their talents. Since you’ll be part of a community that cares about leadership, you’ll have an endless amount of chances to show off your skills.

The rich Honor society traditions date back hundreds of years. Decade after decade, Honor society members have wowed their peers with the accomplishments they’ve been able to take on.

The national recognition helps students stand apart from the crowd. You can probably display your Honor Society membership status on the cover letter for any job application.

Another way you’ll be building a framework for success is by taking advantage of career services. Ambitious members can seek the perfect internship opportunities to help establish credibility in their field.

As we mentioned earlier, you’ll also have access to all sorts of scholarship opportunities. You’ll be an unstoppable force by combining opportunities to grow and the money to fund them.

7. Numerous Scholarship Opportunities

Do you have enough money for college? In-state tuition can easily be $10,000 or more, not to mention the insane out-of-state rates! If you want to be fully covered, you might need a scholarship.

What type of scholarships will you qualify for when joining an honor society? The scholarships you can receive will depend on your educational achievements. For instance, specific scholarships are for music majors, while other scholarships are for young athletes.

One of our favorite scholarships that the SCLA offers is pursuing your passion scholarship. The deadline for application is usually sometime in November, and the scholarship amount is usually $1,000. We particularly like the pursue your passion scholarship because it provides students with the opportunity to go after a subject they love.

If you were hoping to get more money, look into the perfect GPA scholarship. Again, the application is usually sometime in November. The excellent GPA scholarship can be for as much as $5,000. Isn’t that amazing?

8. Easy Application Process

Are you excited about the prospect of joining the honor society but dreading the application process? Don’t be!

Remember, the SCLA wants to facilitate student growth, not hinder it. As a result, their application process is easy. The last thing they want to do is stand in your way of success by burdening you with a lengthy application portal.

What information will you need for the application process? The initial application process only requires five pieces of information. To join like-minded achievers in your area, as well as across the nation, you’ll only need a few minutes to apply.

First, you’ll need to provide your complete name. Next, provide a working email address. This one is important because email is the primary way the Honor society will be communicating with you.

Next, state your country of residence, along with your full street address. Finally, you’ll need to create a password to establish your account.

You can use a password generator to make your password extra secure. Once you’re entirely accepted and establish your account, you can start taking advantage of all the available resources!

9. Certificates From the SCLA

What’s one of the ways the SCLA helps recognize student achievements? With distinguished certificates!

All of the Honor Society members will have a chance to earn certificates that they can display in lovely diploma frames. The certificates will be for a variety of milestones and achievements.

Do you plan on hanging your certificates up around the office? Or perhaps you want to decorate your dorm with all of your achievements? Then we suggest taking advantage of the eye-catching frames that the honor society store offers.

For instance, you could use the gold embossed certificate frame to show off all of your hard work. The certificate will feature your full name, accomplishment, along with a gold engraved medallion.

Certificates and frames are just the starts, though. You can also cherish your college memories with a hardwood cherry finish box. The hardwood Cherry box displays an Honor society medallion seal and has innovative magnetic closing features.

10. Join the Honor Society Museum

Last but certainly not least, becoming an SCLA member means you’ll have a chance to join the Honor society museum. The museum is all about cherishing the accolades of past leaders. The idea is that by honoring the accomplishments of past students, society can pave the way for future Leaders.

Members will get a chance to look back through history and learn from others’ life lessons. You’ll find that the SCLA museum focuses on educating members on what it means to join a historical society.

The museum showcases what society can do for members, what it has done, and the upcoming journey. You’ll be able to enjoy a look back through hundreds of years and then syncing up with present-day times.

Subjects will include things such as past regalia. What were the honors stoles like back in the 1700s? How do they compare to today’s stoles? These are the type of fun questions the museum will help answer.

Once you’re a member, you’ll have instant access to the Honor society museum! You might even join its pages one day as a memorable leader.

Enroll in the SCLA Honor Society

Let’s put it all together now. The SCLA can offer you scholarship opportunities, along with a framework for success. Plus, members have the added benefit of buying customized regalia items and memorable certificates!

If you think that membership could help advance your life, you need to start your application right away. The SCLA honor society enrollment process is easy and will only take you a couple of minutes.

Once you’re all done enrolling, learn a few more tips to brighten your future. You can find all sorts of advice in our other blog articles.