14 tips on using tech to grow your business

Sam Adlen, head of commercial enterprise innovation, Satellite tv for pc Applications catapult Training session, which facts are prime for your enterprise: Information early on your key metrics and being capable of monitoring, examining, and improving them is critical. It’s far the sort of thing that financiers are very interested in, and if you may show them that you are meeting the metrics, you put your self that may be useful. This can be from sales metrics, financial performance, advertising and social media, conversion costs, consumer profiles, and many others. Simply using equipment like Google Analytics to look at consumer journeys and how to force them better towards conversion right into a sale or touch can be an awesome start.

Andy Gambles, founder, Servertastic Confined, and co-founder, Askew Brook Restricted Spend cash. At the same time, it saves you time to earn extra: If I had the choice of the use of a loose product or something that fee £10 in line with month, however, took an hour less to control, then I’d cross for the £10 alternative. I will earn an extra £10 with that free time. I might additionally recommend now not stepping into huge in advance payments for software programs or lengthy-term commitments.

E-trade is ready for the customer: Make it as clean as possible for your clients to shop for and pay. The range of websites that contain too many attempts to up-promote or make the checkout technique hard. your consumer has begun the checkout procedure; you need to place as few barriers as viable in front of them that would motivate them to depart.



Teresa Gonzalez Rico, small commercial enterprise lead, Future Towns catapult

Prototype, prototype, prototype: Fast prototyping additionally permits the marketplace to try out from the early degrees to recognize how your product is honestly obtained. Prototyping on your very own commercial enterprise processes is also feasible: no longer locking yourself into one specific software answer till you know what works for you, Net Maddy.

Brian Lavery, EMEA SMB partnerships manager, Twitter

Records are fundamental to powerful advertising: For me, it’s market evaluation and advertising. Use massive public records resources to determine out in which (what demographics, nations, etc.) your organization has the most capacity. This may inform your branding, product layout, market positioning, and so on. And virtual advertising helps you to the degree of Simply how effective your efforts are. E.G. in which do your website site visitors come from, and how can that information assist you in tweaking your Seo and advert campaigns to higher target ability customers?

Shane Nolan, director SMB sales, United kingdom & Ireland Google

Build your presence: To Construct and develop an enterprise, you want customers. And customers are online of their hundreds of thousands. An in shape for cause net presence, where potential and present customers can discover you, interact with you, and transact with you, is the unmarried most essential prerequisite for an enterprise looking to develop speedily.

Go cellular: For SMEs looking to make it large on line the solution needs to be – cell. We already see that over forty% of internet searches are crafted from cellular gadgets. The boom in cellular as a form of looking, surfing, and transacting online is outstanding. It represents the largest unmarried possibility for SMEs these days. Agencies want to ensure their online presence is fit for cell devices and could attain customers on any device at any time.


Doug Richard, founding father of School for Startups, former Dragon on Dragons’ Den move international: I am a massive fan of going international as early as possible. One cannot and ought to no longer depend upon neighborhood markets if one has a potentially international product. Plan, look at, think, and then awareness: Don’t consider your instincts; agree with your proof. Be geared up to kill terrible ideas quickly and reply to new possibilities similarly speedy. Build on what works and keep in mind the majority are overnight successes after years of hard paintings.

Benjamin Robbins, co-founder, Paladar

Target communities online: agree that awareness is constructed over time and breadth of channels. There may be no time like today to start doing so! Discover in which your target marketplace engages digitally and soar. Charlotte Semler, innovative director and leader govt, Charlotte & Co and founder, Myla
test new markets earlier than launch: I realize we’re all supposed to hate Amazon. However, it’s a jolly beneficial platform for checking out new global markets. Without a set-up fee. Only a total ache to installation your product variety. But provided your e-trade crew leader doesn’t shoot herself in the process, it’s profitable. You could test a new market with 0 investment.

Mike Tinmouth, head of social and PR, Azimo

Hold on for your coins: From having started my own enterprise, my number one golden rule is to maintain on to your coins as long as feasible. Maximum tech and definitely most of the tools you want at a startup stage are unfastened or to be had at very low fee. Small Businesses are being seen as cash cows and are some distance too inclined to hand over their important capital.

Katy Turner, leader advertising officer, Tech Town Uk

Your website needs to be live earlier than your enterprise is: On this interconnected, interweb driven global, now not having an internet presence makes an enterprise seem unprofessional and out of contact. I’d even placed an internet web page if the enterprise is pre-release so humans can check-in hobby. Buy the area call variations as quickly as you’ve figured out what your enterprise can be known as.

Roger Vigilance, advertising, and marketing director, Vonage

Look larger than you’re: Don’t use your cell range or domestic smartphone number as your commercial enterprise cellphone number. Ensure your incoming calls are dealt with professionally and, if you have a telephone machine, get one. This is cloud-primarily based as it could have all the massive employer capabilities that, are without a prob, ems configurable for a small business enterprise charge.