8 Online Writing Jobs that You Can Work from Home

8 Online Writing Jobs that You Can Work from Home 1

If you are passionate about writing, then there is no shortage of freelance job opportunities on the internet. Now more than ever, businesses need content creators to write up a creative post for their websites or social media platforms.

More people refer to the internet whether they are looking for information, a product, services, or just anything random. With this, the need for writers is ever increasing who can guide them properly. You can take advantage of this opportunity and get yourself a job as a freelance writer if you have the right skills.

Pros of Working as a Freelance Writing

There are more benefits to working as a freelance writer but it’s up to you to make more opportunities for yourself. Here are some of the best parts of becoming a freelance writer:

  • It offers a good opportunity to earn while you work from home.
  • You can always get more work tomorrow if you make the right efforts.
  • It offers more flexibility as you can work according to your schedule.
  • There is a constant need for content writers.
  • A writing career requires skills and experience and not always a bachelor’s degree.

If you work as a freelance writer, you can switch between different types of writing. It’s up to you if you wish to make it a full-time career or part-time. Let’s talk about some of the best jobs for writers that you find online. Look for infographics at bitcatcha.com for more information.

8 Online Writing Jobs that You Can Work from Home 2

Article Writer

If you work as an article writer, you will be asked to produce regular content for blogs and media companies. They will ask you to write up blog posts to feature on publisher sites. Your name could be included as the writer or it could be ghostwritten.

As businesses now heavily rely on content marketing to promote their products or services, there is always a demand for freelance writers.


As a ghostwriter, you can produce a variety of content including books, blogs, drama and movie scripts, etc. But the content that you write will be published under your client’s name who hired you for the job. Since you are managing content on behalf of your client, you will also need some strong editing skills.

Your client could be an executive, influencer, or someone who doesn’t have the time to get the work done. Ghostwriters can always find work and there is more diversity in work.

Transcription Writer

Different from content creation, as a transcription writer you will have to listen to audio and transcribe it word to word. Sometimes, you will be asked to edit a transcript to remove words that have no meaning so that it appears more like a cleaned-up blog post.

Your client can be someone who hosts a podcast or interviews and wishes to post it in written form on their website. Even though there are multiple AI technologies available that can do some transcription, the demand for writers is still high to create a perfectly edited post.


Even if you don’t have a bachelor’s degree but know more than one language fluently then you can work as a freelance translator. You can earn a good sum if you translate content from one language to another while maintaining its meaning and context.

As for your client, you can expect a multinational company or a startup company that is looking to expand its services to another region.


If you are a great storyteller and wish to put it to use then working as a freelance novelist is the best option for you. You can write books and sell them whether under your name or as a ghostwriter. If you have some experience as a novelist, you can also work as a freelance proofreader to edit the work of other writers.

When working as a novelist, your client can be a publishing house or an executive if you are a ghostwriter.

Travel Writer

People who are passionate about traveling can bring out the best words to describe a dream location. You can gain more success as a freelance travel writer if you run a travel blog. Write about your experience and which places to visit in a certain country.

Make your content different and include posts like hidden gems of a place and your personal reviews on different locations. You can also work as a travel writer for a travel magazine. Even though this type of writing is not common, the perks of being a travel writer are great as you get to travel and earn at the same time.

Business Plan Writer

Work as a business plan writer if you know how it’s done and have good work experience. Your task will be to help companies produce business plans whether it be for an entirely new brand, a new product, or a service.

As business plans are essential for growth in the market, the demand for a business planner is also high. But to get work as a business plan, you need to have good connections to senior executives.

Social Media Manager

Since social media platforms are surging in popularity, more people are trying to promote their brands or accounts in general. Most often it is challenging to run social media accounts and business operations side by side so they hire a social media manager to keep the accounts alive. It includes planning posts, scheduling posts, writing posts, replying to people, joining communities, and replying to direct messages.

As more platforms develop, there will always be demand for content writers who can produce content that fits well on each platform and attracts the audience.

Where You Can Find Freelance Writing Jobs?

There are several writing job sites where you can then find the work you are looking for and even filter it out for a specific writing job. For example, you can work as a freelance translator on Fiverr. Another way to find freelance writing jobs is through your network. You can use it by asking for referrals and letting people know that you are open to offering your writing skills.

Social media is another great platform you can use to look for writing opportunities. For example, use LinkedIn to highlight your specialty so that clients can approach you. If you wish to use Facebook, make sure that your profile is professional and the bio is properly filled out.