A Few Downsides of Cheap Bongs

Without the shadow of a doubt, Cheap bongs have their place in this world, and any young person at the beginning of their relationship to cannabis could attest to that fact. For many people out there, there are not many things in life besides crappy cheap bongs, which are so nostalgic and associated with fun, or awful, high school days. That’s because as a teenager, people generally have pretty limited incomes, plus it’s quite likely that they’ll have to hide their gear from family at home, and that’s easier done with small pieces. Some people stick to their frugal ways for a long time; however, even if they have the means and a suitable environment to get a high-quality glass, they don’t. Hopefully, this article can bring to light a few disadvantages to staying cheap, but of course, everyone’s got their reasons, so there’s no shame in just sticking to what you got.

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  1. Your throat might appreciate the increased quality of life. It’s true that in regards to your health, there’s really no significant difference in the harmfulness of smoking out of a 20$ bong compared to a 500$ bong. All the crazy percolators’ inexpensive bongs really do one thing, but they do it damn well. They cool the smoke, sometimes extremely efficiently, and make it a much smoother experience to inhale large volumes of it. Combined with ice catchers, you’ll feel invincible smoking out of a fancy piece if you’ve gotten used to your little plastic bubbler over the years.
  2. It doesn’t cost that much to get high quality. Marijuana and everything related to it is a strongly emerging market in lots of parts of the world, and as a result, the price to pay for a well-made bong goes down due to competition in the market. Nowadays, with liquidation sales in mind, you can find high-quality pieces for as low as 60$ with everything you could hope for to have a nice bong session. Could you keep it clean to prolong that, though?
  3. Looks. If you want to impress fellow stoners that happen to come over now and again, it’s always great to see some nice reactions to awesome glass pieces.

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