Blocking all negative feelings

The Norm

We currently live in a society where so much seems to be done but with so little time to accomplish the required tasks. We only seem to have 24 hours a day, which does not seem sufficient for all our responsibilities and daily duties. We seem to be under great pressure constantly. This tendency to always be on the go has now been adopted by society. At times we may ask ourselves where we are rushing to. We wake up in the morning, and it’s go-go-go until late at night! We run out of bed to take our shower, get ready for our day, run out of the door, rush to work, go through our day with all our responsibilities, flow home at the end of our day to

get the paper ready, go to bed and do it all over the next day, and then the next… and then the next. This mindset has been adopted by society as a norm.

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Everyone seems to be living that same fast-paced life; therefore, if you are not living that way, you would feel like missing out on something or that something is wrong with you. It has become a day of pressure where people are feeling the tension more than ever. Within a home, mothers fuss with children, children with parents, a father with the mother, and the drama continues. It has become a neurotic and stressful age. People do not speak properly towards one another, which sometimes results in the wrong action. Regardless of a person’s social status, they seem caught up in that same trend. The pressure usually starts small but builds up progressively after a while.

Blocking Negativity

With all the pressure and stress in this society, it is straightforward for a person to adopt certain negative habits. When there is no escape or no way for an individual to release stress or release all the pressure from their day-to-day functioning, a person can turn to destructive behavior, bringing them into an atmosphere of negativity. Individuals can become so taken by their feelings and emotions that they neglect others or their close friends and families and constantly think about themselves and how they are hurting. Negativity is a thought process that can be eradicated; however, one must first know they are negative.

Once people know they are negative and constantly in a bad atmosphere, they can change that atmosphere to a more positive one, after a pe; after being aware that they are negative, they can ask themselves why they feel negativity. This will enable them to understand better what is making them feel negative. What are the triggers? Is it something internal that can be prevented?

As crazy as this may seem, we will dialogue with ourselves and remind ourselves that the situation is not as bad as it may be perceived or that everything is just fine; there is no stress. As blue blockers’ sunglasses can block natural blue light from affecting the site, we can also stop negative thoughts from entering our minds. Once we get a better understanding of our thought process, then we can push out our ideas. Gradually we develop a more positive attitude to life and work on a healthier atmosphere.

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