Breathtaking Views and Soft Fresh Air: Life in Al Barari

Al Barari will change the way you perceive your lifestyle. Al Barari, meaning wilderness, offers you a range of homes and houses to choose from. With its lush green atmosphere and surrounding, Al Barari will provide you with a calm and peaceful environment which will add tenfold to your quality of life. It does not just end here; Al Barari offers you a place away from the hustle and bustle of the city life with the most beautiful and mesmerizing natural landscape. Lakes, streams, waterways, and vistas, you name it, and it is there. Moreover, you will also have access to a Health Club, a spa, and a restaurant.

Al Barari

Al Barari offers you a range of homes you can choose to live in: from its breathtaking and spacious villas in The Residence to its high-rise apartments offering a skyline view, Seventh Heaven. Below is a concise list of some of the choices you can pick from.

Bromelia, The Residences

This one is fit for a modern family! With its fully furnished five bedrooms, this place provides the best blend of a modern house and elegance. The house is equipped with a 1300 sq. feet to pool with fiber optic lighting and glass walls, and a pool bar area. The property also offers a view with a themed garden. The floor plan provides comfort and entertainment. The master bedroom, the extended living area, walk-in closets, and the Jacuzzi all make this home perfect for moving into. Since entertainment is important for any family, the house is equipped with a games room and a private cinema.

Acacia, The Residences

In Acacia, you will have a luxurious 6 bedroom villa with 3 kitchens, a customized swimming pool, and a 6 car garage with a home that will be fully automated. Built on 47,000 Sq. Feet plot, you will find yourself living the dream. Its design and setting will provide you with a lot of privacy and limited access so you can have a wonderful time with comfort.

Dahlia Villa, The Residences

This 6 bedroom and 10 bathrooms villa on 20,000 sq. feet is one of its kind. The Villa has its own Majilis in the garden, as well as a formal dining room and a formal lounge. There is also a rooftop entertainment area at this place. There is a 3 car covered garage, but in addition to it, there are 4 parking places. These features make this place a best fit if you have many guests coming around now and then. Not to forget, there is also a private swimming pool.

The Nest

This four-bedroom villa provides a modern contemporary home with a green and lush outlook, which will really relax the person residing in it. The villa comes with a sparkling infinity pool, a beautifully landscaped garden, and an outdoor barbeque area. The house is designed to be perfectly illuminated with sunlight keeping it lit during the day. This gives the homes a luxurious and sophisticated outlook. The villas include exclusive access to the amenities for the Al Barari community.

All in all, Al Barari provides you with the living you had been dreaming about. It combines all the aspects of the perfect living place. You will have a spacious and luxurious house, with personalized facilities for relaxation and entertainment. Moreover, a convenient and safe car parking place has also been resolved in these residences. You will also get yourself the chance to lead a peaceful and relaxing life with its green landscape and calm environment.