Essential Kitchen Design Tips


Whether you have been planning for a kitchen renovation or building one from scratch, the following enumeration will help you plan for a kitchen space that would be the most functional for your purposes.

Create The Work Triangle

As a general rule of thumb, the three most important articles in your kitchen premises are the stove, the refrigerator, and the sink. When these three articles are located coherently to facilitate a harmonious environment for working in the kitchen, it becomes a much easier job to cook and clean in the area. Thereby, when you are sketching out the layout of your kitchen space, you would have to keep in mind that these three elements are placed in such a manner that will allow you to do your job efficiently and in the shortest amount of time.

With the assistance of professional kitchen experts, you can come up with a floor plan that will you create the perfect work triangle in your kitchen. One of the foremost characteristics of a good kitchen layout is that it permits you to move easily between these three articles when working in the kitchen. Besides that, the layout should also be such that it provides adequate space to make room for other people to work in the area.

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This can usually be achieved when the work triangle between the stove, refrigerator, and the sink is angled anywhere between 15 degrees to 25 degrees. However, there is no restriction when it comes to adding more “triangles” to your kitchen layout plan. You can obviously create space for more elements around these three basic elements according to your kitchen space requirements.

The Functionality

Over the course of years, kitchen spaces have become more than just an area where food is prepared. Today, the kitchen space is not just utilitarian in its purposes but has shifted to be more flexible and amenable to entertainment purposes. Depending on what you are looking to get out of your kitchen space, you will have to communicate this with your kitchen designing expert so that, together, you can come up with the plan that would fulfill these purposes in the most optimal manner. Nowadays, several homeowners prefer to have kitchen designs that are open and inviting, thereby being the perfect space for hosting guests and family members during get-togethers. This is also the reason why kitchen islands have escalated in popularity in the past decade.

It is recommended that if you opt for a kitchen island, get one with seating as well. This would furnish you with an area where your guests and family members can socialize simultaneously when you can keep yourself engaged in the working triangle. This renders an element of inclusivity amongst your guests while also not acting as an impediment to your cooking routine.


Make sure to collaborate with your professional kitchen designer to develop a cupboard space design that would be conducive to your preferences and needs. The cupboards in your kitchen play an important role in optimizing the space that is available for storage. Given that you use your kitchen every single day, it is obvious that you would have to settle down on a cupboard design that would prevent your kitchen space from getting too cluttered. If you have been looking for a professional and reputable kitchen designing expert in the Winnipeg area, you can render the services of Winnipeg Cowry Cabinets.