Exciting Jobs that Make B Tech Aerospace Engineering the Best Course Ever

Engineering is a broad discipline that extends to almost all possible domains. It has numerous branches that a student can pursue basis their passion. Today, there are branches of engineering that have gained traction over the years. Aerospace engineering is one such branch that has grown incredibly over the years.

Aerospace engineering concerns itself with the analysis, research, development, and synthesis of aerospace vehicles, including missiles, aircraft, UAVs, guided and defense systems. A BTech Aerospace Engineering degree prepares students to take on everything related to aerospace vehicles. It emphasizes hands-on training and teaches students about the intricacies of everything related to airspace, vehicles, and design.

Aerospace Engineers

Becoming an aerospace engineer is the obvious choice after pursuing a B Tech Aerospace engineering. An aerospace engineer typically researches, designs, develops, tests, and maintains the performance of aircraft, weapon systems, satellites, space vehicles, and missiles. It is one of the most exciting career paths that a student can choose. Aerospace engineers work across departments and can get a job in either the public or private sector.

Aerospace engineers apply their education in creating components related to aircraft. They can also be a part of research and design and can even partake in flight-test programs. The opportunities for aerospace engineers are endless in the sector. Furthermore, aerospace engineers continuously improvise to create technologies for lower CO2 emissions, flight safety, fuel efficiency, and such.

Design Engineers

B Tech Aerospace Engineering also paves the way for students to become design engineers. Using technical knowledge, mathematics, and design skills, design engineers are involved in conceptualization, design, development, and aircraft management.

Being a design engineer is a great career option for students who have an eye for detail and can work methodically. Design engineers are also supposed to work with CAN, CAD, and CAM systems to visualize and design various projects that may include aircraft and its components.


Drafters are an integral part of aerospace engineering. They create technical drawings of aircraft, their components, and other things related to them. Furthermore, they draft everything that is used in the production and manufacturing of an aircraft. These drawings are incredibly detailed and encompass everything from the inception to the final design.

Science, Engineering, and Data Processing Managers

Today, aerospace engineering is rapidly shifting its core research and development processes into simulations that run on supercomputers. It requires more equipped data processing managers that can carry out these simulations precisely. A data processing engineering or manager will analyze data during simulations and propose a more efficient and effective solution for a better product.

Military Aerospace Engineers

Joining the armed forces is another exciting career a student can pursue after B Tech aerospace engineering. It is one of the most rewarding career options as there are innumerable opportunities coupled with a chance to lead an adventurous life. Military aerospace engineers work on developing technologies such as laser-guided weapon systems. They also partake heavily in the research and development of missiles, aircraft, and defense systems.

Pursuing a B Tech in aerospace engineering is an advantageous choice. It is among the top paying engineering degrees and has immense scope. However, there are only a handful of colleges in India that offer B Tech aerospace engineering degrees. UPES is one of the best universities that offer an extensive program in aerospace engineering. The university has an excellent faculty that involves students in hands-on training in the aerospace branch. Coupled with excellent placement, students pursuing B Tech in aerospace engineering from UPES will have ample opportunities to explore this domain.