Highlights of Slovenia: readers’ travel tips

As you stroll round Lake Bled, beyond Villa Bled, a touch signal pronouncing “Tearoom” factors upwards thru the timber. It offers no indication of the wow element this tearoom instructions. As soon as used by President Tito, it lately reopened with the unique furniture and pix. Have a cup of espresso at the patio with its stunning floor mosaics of untamed animals, at the same time as you look out over the lake closer to the church, and the fort beyond. It is a treasure of natural elegance, the fees are ridiculously affordable and the espresso just terrifi!

Logarska Dolina landscape park
View of Logarska Dolina and the Top Savinja Valley.
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Photograph: Alamy
We got here throughout this park – in the north of the u. S. Close to the Austrian border – by using coincidence, and notion it the maximum stunning spot in the usa, with just a few homes amid mountains and the greenest green you’ve ever visible. Spend a few days biking, doing walks to the waterfall, or putting out with your new neighbours who, we determined, had been extra than glad to share their home made whisky and spit-roasted pig. Live at Lenar Traveller Farm (doubles €70 B&B) and soak it all in from a hammock. The small park charge (€7 for an automobile) is really worth it whilst it’s this accurate.
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Bohinj railway to Nova Gorica
Open wagons on the Bohinj railway.
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Open wagons at the Bohinj railway. Photo: Alamy
The scenic train journey from Jesenice to Nova Gorica at the Bohinj railway takes you from the north to the Italian border within the east. In reality, the Slovenian-Italian border runs thru Nova Gorica station vehicle park! You pass via dramatic mountain surroundings and follow the brilliantly turquoise Sava river, before crossing the 220-metre-long stone bridge at Solkan. Nova Gorica itself has an international border down the middle, dividing the previous communist a part of town in present day-day Slovenia from its more picturesque part, Gorizia in Italy.
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Predjama castle
Predjama fort
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If you visit Postojna to look the terrific caves, don’t miss Predjama fortress, a fortress constructed right into a cave mouth 10km away. Erazem passage is a precipitous hole inside the cave used as a hiding location when enemies attacked. In case, you’re courageous (and don’t get claustrophobic) you can climb the slippery rocks, however the much less intrepid can stroll across the cave within the castle and revel in the eeriness.

GP Trojane restaurant
Trojane Krof
East of Ljubljana, the GP Trojane eating place and save is renowned for Trojane krof, a big jam doughnut that every Slovenian enjoys. It also serves many conventional dishes. To eat like a Slovenian, I propose soup with rezanci (noodles, €2.50), and some various nearby sausages on provide (€8-10) at this lovely place in the Sava hills.
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Sam Smith

Hisa Franko, Kobarid
Hisa Franko food
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Kobarid is a captivating little metropolis in the beautiful Julian Alps. The location has masses to offer to adrenaline junkies and history buffs alike. Hisa Franko is a super gourmet restaurant, and i nevertheless dream about it months later. All the dishes use seasonal elements which are regionally sourced. Delicate flavours are blended in a paranormal way and dishes are observed through high-quality Slovenian wines.


Mediaeval homes in Radovljica
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When you’ve accomplished Lake Bled, don’t leave without catching the bus to Radovljica. A fascinating, quiet, laid-again city with a stunning medieval square and clean bus and educate connections to Ljubljana, it additionally boasts some of weird however super museums, which include the hazard to find out the name of the game records of Slovenian apiculture on the Beekeeping Centre.


Kostanjevica na Krki
Božidar Jakac Art Museum
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Božidar Jakac Art Museum
With its centre on a small island, the city of Kostanjevica na Krki is best for taking part in an espresso via the river Krka, or paddling around on a ship. Simply nearby is Božidar Jakac Art Museum, in a former monastery dating from the thirteenth century and surrounded via the alrightsculptures of the Forma Viva Sculpture Park.
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Gingerbread Museum
Gingerbread hearts
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Slovenia’s a land of castles, lakes and backbone-tingling caves, so it appears fitting that it has a one-room museum dedicated to the ultimate fairytale meals: gingerbread. Among Ljubljana and Bled is Radovlijca, in which you’ll discover (inside the Vintage city) Gostilna Lectar, a guesthouse-cum-eating place-cum-keep with a downstairs mystery. For €1.5, you descend the stairs for an advent to the history of this confection, made right here on the grounds that 1766. It’s far now offered in a mess of shapes – hearts in the main however also motors, homes, rabbits and chickens – and painstakingly iced in vibrant, ambitious colours (which include your selected gift message). Our “souvenirs” virtually didn’t remain long.


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within the same distance north-west of Slovenia is a quiet pretty city referred to as Bovec. It lies in a valley surrounded by way of mighty mountains and can be reached via a power along the lovely river Soca. It stood in for Narnia inside the Prince Caspian movie. Bovec attracts adrenalin junkies from around Europe however also gives less challenging pursuits. Start the day with incredible cheese borek and apple strudel from the bakery. Then dinner party at the sports to be had regionally. Attempt rafting, kayaking or, even more exhilarating, hydrospeeding. Need a move at canyoning? Walking? There are plenty of opportunities.