J Crew in London: Jenna Lyons’ 10 commandments

1. Do not divide your dresser into smart and informal, Net Maddy  but mix them up

For example, when you have one in every of our flip-hem wool skirts, you may wear it smarts and flirty with a blazer and shirt and jewels and a heel. However, you may also put on it dressed down, with an outsized sweatshirt and New Stability trainers.

2. Trend is a dirty phrase to me

What I care about are percentage changes. Whilst it appears like pants have become skinnier, or waistbands are transferring a little better, that subjects to me. However, we are now not approximately clothes you purchase because they are on Fashion; we’re approximately beautiful pieces you purchase because you want to wear them each day.


3. Freshening up your look would not always be about buying something new

We’d have a sweater on sale for six months, and we’re going to shoot it in six
distinctive approaches for the catalog, which comes out monthly. It is a
mission, but it is where the fun is. We are all approximately suggesting new
ways to wear the garments you have.

4. Birthday celebration dressing have to by no means be head-to-toe shine and sparkle

If you’re sporting a jeweled pinnacle, then perhaps put on it with menswear trouser and a loafer. Matters that play off each other, rather than matching up, create a fun temper.”

J. Team press preview
Photograph: Imogen Fox for the Mum or dad

5. Information count number

I’m enthusiastic about our double-confronted cashmere gray T-blouse, which has a lime green lining. That little glimpse is the sort of remarkable wonder.”

6. Blend colors in your jewelry, in addition to your clothes

Try a stack of bracelets on each wrist and earrings on both palms in a combination
of yellow and rose-gold.”

J. Crew press preview
Photograph: Imogen Fox for the Parent

7. Do not sense you have to put on an unusual look every day

Occasionally, you’re in the mood for a white shirt – this is excellent. You could completely default to a pair of black or military pants. That is constantly allowed!”


8. A masculine element will make any outfit more sublime

Menswear is on the coronary heart of the lot we do at J Group. Even though It is a completely fancy, feminine piece, like a jeweled T-shirt, In case you drill down, you may discover a tailored shape at its root.

J. Crew press preview Photo: Imogen Fox for the Mum or dad
9. Do not forget about all the appropriate neon orange and moss-inexperienced portions because you aren’t confident with the color coloration isn’t clean for everybody. It is now not smooth for me! It is a challenge. It feels good to include a venture.

10 You cannot cross wrong with cashmere

a couple of cashmere socks won’t be authentic. However, It is continually an incredible Christmas present due to the fact nobody buys themselves cashmere socks.