Seaside or Mountain View? Road Trip from Chennai

A nice escapade from the hustle-bustle of the city is a rejuvenating experience and road trips are the best way to do it. Chennai is a city that is close to many iconic locations and serene retreats that will fascinate visitors and travellers. Here are some weekend getaway recommendations.

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Enjoy the East Coast drive to Pondicherry

The East Coast Road is a scenic experience, charting parallel to the Bay and passing through the coastal countryside of Tamil Nadu. It takes around 3 hours to get to Pondicherry. For those who have a bit of extra time, a detour to witness the old temples of Mahabalipuram is recommended.

Pondicherry is a territory with a distinctive history and the finely preserved and quiet French Quarters with their leafy streets and mustard walls are a joy to explore. The sea-facing promenade is where the town converges in the evening – a pedestrian free haven for people watching and snack-eating. There are many monuments, old and new, that dot this walkway – providing a lot of material for shutterbugs.

Away from the colonial ramparts of Pondicherry is Auroville – a perfect example of community living where people from all over the world gather and live together. The beaches near Auroville are also very famous. The hilly tracts make for a good drive and one can also explore some of the eateries of this area.

Ride up the Hills to Ooty

The trip to Ooty will need an early start. The journey usually takes around 10 hours and there are plenty of interesting stops on the way. The Queen of the Southern Hill Stations has always been a favourite all year round. In the monsoon, the blue mountains are shrouded in mist – providing an atmospheric beauty that is unparalleled in these parts. Treks to the many peaks on the Nilgiris are recommended with a guide. For those who prefer a more laidback routine, one can drive around the many nearby plantations or visit town landmarks like the St. Stephen’s Church and the famous Government Rose Garden. The Ooty Lake is a tranquil site where one can have a small picnic or just spend some introspection time. Ooty is also famous for its chocolates and local cuisine. The local wax museum is one of the more quirky attractions.

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From soaring mountains to calm beaches, there are plenty of surprises in store for those who step out of Chennai. Enjoy these epic road-trips along with impromptu stops and detours. Have total control behind the wheel.


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