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The authorities wish India to host matches among pinnacle Premier League clubs throughout the off-season to utilize the centers evolved for the under-17 football World Cup in October. During his visit to the UK in July, Sports Secretary Injeti Srinivas met the English Premier League’s International Relations Manager Tim Vine. He explored the possibility of bringing top English golf equipment to India.


According to Srinivas, “several states have Sportsproven keen lays interest in hosting Ministry Premier League fits”. Though the government wouldn’t be involved in any organizational element at once, it’ll offer all viable assistance to promoters keen to organize pinnacle EPL teams’ India excursions. “It’s very a lot at the playing cards. The ministry will no longer be involved in undertaking the suits. However, we can encourage it,” said Srinivas.

Vine stated they mentioned their plans for “soccer development and fan engagement activities”, even touching upon the Premier League Asia Trophy held in Hong Kong. “Our dialogue closing month focused more on PL hobby in India — and the way we are worried about bringing the golf equipment to India…,” he told The

Indian Express in an e-mail.

Over the previous few years, the pre-season suits regarding Premier League golf equipment have become a spectacle spanning continents. The fits, planned almost a year, take vicinity in June-July, earlier than the brand new season starts of evolved in August.

Each of the 20 Premier League clubs played at least one in shape overseas this year. Arsenal and Chelsea are ready for their new season in Beijing. Manchester United spent a month in the US, and Liverpool traveled to Hong Kong while their cross-town competitor Everton organized in Tanzania. There is also a Premier League Asia Trophy, which takes vicinity all through the identical length.

Several factors go into determining a club’s pre-season vacation spot, most of it being commercial. The Premier League sees India as one of its largest markets, with a TV viewership envisioned at 150 million according to a season. Several clubs run their academies in India, but they’ve avoided bringing their teams to play fits here. The country’s terrible soccer infrastructure is thought to have kept them away.


Srinivas stated infrastructure is now not a problem, as stadiums in six towns had been refurbished for the below-17 World Cup, to be performed from October 6-28. “India has a large fan base, so this possibility can be used to promote the game similarly. Also, due to the below-17 World Cup, our stadiums and schooling facilities have improved. So we will place them to use truly,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Srinivas met the UK’s Gambling Commission director, Nick Tofiluk, because the Sports Ministry lays the groundwork for legalizing online sports activities betting in India. The UK is one of the few international locations wherein gambling is criminal and has an annual turnover of £80 billion. The ministry has decided to talk with them about the demanding situations and the framework adopted to legalize having a bet. Additionally, it will take a look at its applicability to Indian conditions.

Mozambicans are quite passionate about their sports, with a firm focus on soccer and, to a lesser extent, other sports. There are many opportunities for hobbies and recreational activities, but as these can be quite costly at times, most Mozambicans aren’t able to partake. As with most other facets of this beautiful country, the lack of infrastructure combined with the poverty levels has profoundly affected the development of sports and hobbies throughout the entire land.

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As a result of this, many of the most popular sports are those that don’t require much money to play.


Soccer, sometimes known as football due to Portuguese influence, is hugely popular in Mozambique and other African nations. You will often come across both children and adults having an informal game whenever possible, especially on weekends. The structure for proper soccer clubs is not as good as in other countries due to infrastructure challenges, but some professional clubs still exist. There is a lot of exchange between Portugal and Mozambique in soccer terms, with players and teams from each country regularly playing with and against each other.


Athletics is not as widely practiced as it should be, given the relative ease of getting involved. Mozambique does, at times, punch above its weight in this field of sport, having won a gold medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, proving that it can compete at the highest level.


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Unlike most other southern African nations, Basketball is a popular sport in Mozambique. While internationally recognized since 1978, the Mozambican national team has yet to win any notable championships. This, of course, hasn’t dampened the enthusiasm for the sport, which is still quite widespread.


The martial art sport of Capoeira is starting to take off in Mozambique, and its popularity is growing rapidly.


Stadiums and sporting facilities in Mozambique are in short supply, with some world-class facilities recently being constructed with foreign investment. The outlying areas tend to have little to no facilities, while the soccer clubs seem to attract all the investment. The newest and best stadium is the Estadio do Zimpeto, which opened in 2011 and can seat up to 42,000 people. While touted as a multi-use stadium, it is almost exclusively used for soccer matches.


The hobbies available in Mozambique generally include all physical and outdoor activities. The more popular hobbies include:

    • Fishing: With a substantial coast line, Mozambique is well known for fishing, both subsistence and recreational. The country is well known for game fishing and is largely unspoiled, making it a firm favorite with local and international visitors.
    • Watersports: Any sport involving the water, whether sailing, diving, or even just swimming, is quite popular due to the warm weather and water.
  • Sandboarding: It is an easy sport to learn and does not always require lots of equipment. As such, it is a relatively new hobby that is starting to become quite popular.

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