Talking chickens: preparing your poultry for winter, part two

Within the previous submit Within the series Page Design Pro  I furnished a few tips and tips on housing, cleaning and feeding regimes to assist your chickens get via the iciness. Even as it’s genuine that chickens can survive with our very lots additional care, it is with little greater attention to the husbandry of the birds that you can ensure your inventory comes back into lay in peak circumstance.

Match, healthful stock will not most effective be ready and able to quality and steady egg laying, but the male birds will have the energy to make certain successful breeding and progressed ranges of fertility. If you are a small scale keeper who breeds their own substitute inventory, then this is critical and ensures you get a success hatch completed in April.

Why April? Girl chickens hatched in April ought to be at factor of lay (POL) age with the aid of the fall time and should start to lay before, and then in the course of, the wintry weather. The result is a supply of eggs for the family in the course of the wintry weather months from those pullets (hens below 365 days of age) whilst the older hens can be having their iciness damage. An antique farming almanac of 1892 stated that for April “Pullets which are to put before Thanksgiving need to be hatched out this month”, and that advice has visible me proper for a number of years.


The subsequent 10 pointers and pointers take a better study the out-of-doors living space, some specially nasty issues you may encounter and sooner or later the way to deliver the birds a piece of health boost.

The bird run
1. Status water, boggy or poached regions Within the run must be prevented as chickens cannot withstand ingesting from puddles and these might be contaminated with droppings. Do away with the temptation via digging over patches that emerge as overly muddy or sodden and upload some sharp sand or grit to useful resource the drainage. Do not worry approximately the choppy look, the chickens will quickly redistribute the earth for you.
2. A sheltered vicinity Within the run wherein the birds can get out of the rain, wind and snow is vital. It will be on hand for them in surprising downpours, plus they may use this rather than their residence, which saves on the extra muck being traipsed into the coop. A bit of corrugated roofing leant towards a fence or wall dealing with in the direction of the prevailing wind will paintings properly if weighted into role. As an alternative when you have a vintage table you may do as a friend of mine did and certainly Dispose of two legs to create a freestanding shelter.
3. It could look like an amazing concept to position ornamental bark chippings down Within the run to help with wet situations, but do not do it. Such floor coverings are as exactly as they are saying: “ornamental” – they’re improper for the bird run, as they decompose speedy and as they rot down, fungi and mold develop on them. If the run is pretty small this could mean the chickens are vulnerable to breathing in huge portions of spores, that are horrific for the birds’ fitness and might reason them respiratory issues. The conventional instance is aspergillus, which prospers on bark, if ingested by means of fowl it is able to motive aspergillosis that is tough to treat efficaciously and will purpose the sluggish death of the inflamed fowl. There may be no doubting the usefulness of a thick layer of floor clutter Within the run to help improve the drainage, but if a timber-based totally one is your preference, use hardwood chippings with as little bark as possible gift. This form of floor cowl can final the complete wintry weather after which be dug out the subsequent spring.
Four. A portable ark is a good compromise for the wintry weather. Relying on the size of the ark, it is able to suggest the chickens are a bit more limited in terms of the gap they should variety however it does imply that they can be moved to fresh floor regularly. Why no longer try one in your garden region or even Within the vegetable patch, If you flow them regularly enough (a couple of times a week) you’ll locate they not best clean a number of the bugs and weed seeds, but also add a gap of fertilizer into the deal.



Pests and predators

5. Mites are something to maintain an eye fixed out for. The pink mite is a pest of summer months, however Whilst It is able to no longer be lively throughout the colder climate, make certain to clean the coop very well. This little blood sucker can live to tell the tale more than six months without feeding, so a definitely harsh iciness may additionally kill off person mites, but the eggs they laid past due Within the summer will live on, geared up to hatch at the first signs of warm weather. It’s also critical which you test your birds for the wintry weather nemesis, northern bird mite. In contrast to the reds, those mites live completely at the birds. The first symptoms may be greasy looking feathers at the back across the base of the tail, resulting from excrement from the mites. The mites are minute and on analyzing the bird you’ll discover a mass of tiny black pin heads crawling typically across the vent region: hold the bird a little longer and you’ll find them crawling swiftly up your arms! The only plus as compared to their summer season cousins are that they especially clean to deal with via washing the chicken and making use of a suitable mite treatment. But In case you go away the condition untreated and your chicken could be useless inside days.
6. Foxes are a 12 months-spherical hassle for plenty bird keepers however I locate that iciness increases the chance of a stumble upon with my flocks. Dwelling in rural North Shropshire with a railway line close by (it really is the fox equivalent of a toll road) I’m a veritable pressure-thru restaurant for the local foxes. I did install a PIR light gadget around the pens however after a damaged night time’s sleep due to disco-style lighting because of the fox visitors outdoor, I determined to accept the reality that, as long as the foxes’ sports remained a niche of nightly “window buying”, the lighting can be switched off. I could weblog a whole A-Z of fox deterrents from Alpacas to Zoo animal poo however on the cease of the day, foxes are bright and a hen flock is a larder. The high-quality element to do is make you’re lodging and exercising areas as fox proof as feasible, because it’s quite an awful lot assured the day you drop your protect will be the only day the fox is awaiting.
7. Rats may be some other year-spherical issue, although iciness sees them suffering for meals and shelter and a good way to are seeking for out a comfortable chicken run until the weather improves. Having rats flow in is not a signal of negative husbandry but it’s miles bad husbandry now not to cope with the trouble if it arises. Rats want three things: food, water and haven, and if you could Cast off at least the sort of requirements you stand a very good chance of getting rid of the problem. Do not go away feeders outdoor – both convey them interior or put them inside the chicken coop at night. Empty the drinkers every night time and top off Inside the morning, and finally, if you may improve your coop off the floor by means of as a minimum 8 inches you stand a great hazard of casting off the shelter option (and the bonus of presenting outdoor haven for your chickens).

Rooster boosters
eight. Multivitamins for poultry are available many differing types, from the first-rate smelling “poultry Spice” powder which may be mixed in with the feed (use cod liver oil to get the powder to stick to the food If you use a dry feed), to the instead stinky “seaweed tonics” that may be added to the consuming water. Hen keepers have specific preferences, but most are agreed that these herbal nutrients and minerals genuinely provide the birds a boost both at some stage in the moult and for the duration of the wintry weather.
9. Frostbite can be a problem, especially in birds with big headgear. It reasons blackening Within the recommendations of huge combs on breeds which include the leghorn, and kills the tissue. In case, you are watching for an extended length of sub-zero temperatures than a coat of Vaseline on the brush will help guard it.
10. Oregano brought to the feed isn’t a method to pre-season your birds for the desk (although it might paintings): alternatively it provides an amazing source of antibacterial, antifungal, anti-parasitic and antioxidant help, and has an all-spherical tremendous impact at the immune gadget of chicken. There are special oil extracts in the marketplace, however striking a bunch of sparkling oregano up now not handiest offers the fitness benefits however additionally offers your chickens with some vegetables and enjoyment.

Merry Christmas and consider what occurs Within the New 12 months, the european battery cage ban comes into impact, 12 years after it become surpassed. Bear in mind that some european individuals have now not yet complied with this ban and could nevertheless be able to export egg merchandise from battery-caged systems. If you deliver a jot approximately what you devour and the welfare of animals then make your decision one which guarantees sure you do not purchase a battery-farmed egg-primarily based product.

Next month – So that you need to get a few chickens in 2012? Why and what do you need them for? I will offer a few primary breed considerations.