Technology Stories of 2018

During 2018, we suggested many innovations and new technologies geared toward making machines smarter. We additionally blanketed stories on how some technologies threaten personal privacy.

Artificial intelligence

There became numerous news associated with synthetic intelligence or AI and machines gaining knowledge of. Among the tales have been two handling direct competitions between humans and machines. In one opposition, machines that used AI performed higher than human beings in a high-stage studying test. Two natural language processing equipment beat human outcomes inside the test. One of the gear became constructed through the American era agency Microsoft. The other was created through Chinese online supplier Alibaba Group.

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In any other opposition, a computer took on people in the stay, public debates. The event verified how AI-powered computers increase the number of being advanced to suppose and sound like human beings. Noa Ovadia left, and Dan Zafrir, right, prepare for his or her debate towards the IBM Project Debater, Monday, June 18, 2018, in San Francisco. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg)

The organizer of the debates, U.S. Technology company IBM, introduced cut-up consequences. It said a majority of this watching stated they felt the machine had executed extra to enhance their understanding of the concern. But, the human got more praise for speaking her ideas. This year, we also explored the various methods AI and gadgets, gaining knowledge of at the moment, are being used. For example, a few U.S. Judges use device getting to know systems to help them decide while, and for how lengthy, criminals have to be jailed. The system makes use of computers to observe facts from hundreds of courtroom instances. The pc then predicts whether a defendant will dedicate a new crime or fail to return to court.

One fast-developing region of AI is facial popularity, which’s increasingly being used for protection purposes. Recently, Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport became the first in the U.S. To permit passengers to use facial recognition technology to get on flights. A Chinese company showed off an AI machine is developed to recognize individuals with the aid of frame shape and taking walks actions. Chinese police are already utilizing the system in Beijing and Shanghai.

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In addition, the system gaining knowledge of turned into used for the duration of 2018 to are expecting effects of the World Cup soccer competition. The technology also created artwork that sold for a huge amount of money. And it’s miles being used to assist farmer store time and money, even as decreasing environment-harming chemicals. Other generation structures are used to comply with livestock and flora and fauna to accumulate data on their sports.

Facebook received intense criticism this yr. The company’s chief Mark Zuckerberg asked to testify before the U.S. Congress approximately a main leak of personal user information. Zuckerberg admitted the employer made errors that brought about non-public records being shared with a British studies organization. Lawmakers demanded that the social media carrier shielded user privacy and proposed legislation to prevent other incidents.

Google also faced questions on its privacy policies after research by using the Associated Press (AP). AP discovered that Google became persevering with to gather area facts on users, even when users had changed their privacy settings.

Google said customers could stop collecting all vicinity markers at any time by turning off a specific privateness placing. But impartial researchers informed the AP that putting become no longer truly identified with the aid of Google as being related to area information.

Transportation tech

After numerous injuries related to self-using check vehicles, we tested moral questions about the technology. A professional on the challenge, Nicholas Evans, informed VOA that he’s studying approaches to get driverless cars to make ethical choices. Automobiles will be anticipated to fast; don’t forget levels of risk earlier than deciding a way to act.

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A new look observed that some motive force help systems fail to perform some moves in assessments. They have a look at what was accomplished through the American Automobile Association of America. The study found that about 40 percent of human beings puzzled believed the driver help systems should force an automobile through themselves. The enterprise warned of the dangers of such incorrect information.

In Sweden, a brand new era was evolved to create the world’s first operating electrified road. The machine is designed to rate an electric automobile’s battery as it travels. And in Germany, officials celebrated the release of the sector’s first running hydrogen-powered trains. The new train version is part of efforts in Europe and other locations to transport far away from polluting diesel trains.