The 5 Best Family Beaches for a Fun Vacation

Going to a beach on the weekend with your family can be a fun and unforgettable experience. If you have kids, you can choose to visit a beach that is near an amusement park. You and your family can enjoy a few rides at the amusement park before taking a walk at the classic boardwalk. The following is a list of 5 fun beach vacation spots and ideas for family beachgoers.

The 5 Best Family Beaches for a Fun Vacation 1

1. Ocean Isle Beach

Ocean Isle Beach is voted as the third best beach in North Carolina. It is not crammed with high rise hotels and beach shops. Concerts are held at the Museum of the Coastal Carolinas’ car park every Friday during the summer. Tourists can visit the local specialty shops to buy souvenirs, artwork, and jewelry. If you love adventure, you can participate in zip lining at the Shallotte River Swamp Park & Outdoor Center. Ocean Isle Beach is a great spot for performing paddleboarding for all ages. You can also watch turtles laying eggs on the shore.

2. West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach is a smooth sandy beach on the Atlantic Ocean coast in Florida. It is situated near retail and entertainment districts such as CityPlace and Palm Beach Outlets. You can board on a snorkeling charter and see marine animals like dolphins, stingrays, turtles, and flying fishes. There are several nearby attractions like museums, zoo, aquariums, and botanical gardens. During your visit, you can stop by at the flea market or farmer market to buy some stuff and save money. You also don’t want to miss the McCarthy Wildlife Sanctuary, where you get hands on experience with snakes, tigers, and lions.

3. Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is a small beach that is well maintained and has good entertainment activities. You can let your kids play golf at the mini golf course. You can also visit the Ripley’s Aquarium. You can experience watching movies in the outdoor theater at Ripley’s 5D Moving Theater. There is a paved walking trail by the beach that is suitable for taking an evening walk. You can also go fishing or watch the ocean scenery on the boardwalk at the Second Avenue Pier. Visitors are prohibited from smoking. Myrtle Beach is usually not crowded and is the perfect place to enjoy the sunset.

4. Cape May

Cape May is a pristine beach with lots of shells to collect. The beach has firm sand, which makes it easy to walk on during low tide. It is best to wear shoes when walking on the sand to avoid getting injured by the broken shells. Visitors can frequently observe migrating birds and breaching dolphins. There is a lighthouse that you can reach within walking distance. Many hotels provide beach services like chairs, cabanas, towels, and umbrellas. There is a public shower room near the wooden pathway that connects to the seashore.

5. Santa Cruz Beach

Santa Cruz Beach is one of the best surf spots in California. Santa Cruz Mountains, which is covered with the redwood forest is only within 20 minutes driving distance. Many sea lions will laze around the shore and bark throughout the day on Santa Cruz Beach. As you walk by the beach, you will pass by food vendors, a game arcade, and an amusement park. There is a boardwalk where you can enjoy a quiet stroll and watch the ocean scenery. You can pack your own food and come to the beach for a picnic. Free parking and a shuttle bus to the beach are available.