Tips to create a basic capsule wardrobe for your kid

There are many ways parents can benefit from a well-curated kids’ capsule wardrobe. This includes spending less money and time on kids’ clothing and still having more outfits that can be mixed and matched. Below is how you can create a capsule wardrobe for your baby.

Tips to create a basic capsule wardrobe for your kid 1

Capsule Wardrobe: What is it?

Not everyone understands the concept of a capsule wardrobe. It is a cloth selection that consists of thoughtfully curated outfits that are easily interchangeable to maximise the number of outfits you can coordinate. A capsule wardrobe helps you create several outfits with a minimal selection of clothing items.

Reasons for Creating Wardrobe Capsule for Kids

After creating your capsule wardrobe and experienced how it simplifies everything from getting dressed to shopping, you will realise how special it may be to your little ones. After all, toddlers need simplicity when it comes to getting dressed than anyone else in the family. Without a capsule wardrobe, you will be spending too much time washing, shopping, exchanging, drying, returning, coordinating and washing, only for your kids to repeatedly wear the same item. This doesn’t mean wearing one brand is bad but they should coordinate. For instance, you could opt for all Jacadi outfits for your kids.

Unlike adult clothing, kids’ clothing works differently since every size and season, you will have to start from scratch. Creating a capsule wardrobe can reduce the hustle of mixing and matching clothes between sizes and brands. Because of that, you will spend less time and money buying kids’ clothes, as you’ll spend less time shopping across multiple stores and acquire more outfits that can be easily coordinated. Now, dressing kids in the morning will require less effort, as everything in their wardrobe coordinates seamlessly.

Creating Kids Capsule Wardrobe: Tips

Do you want to make life for your little ones simple? Here is how to do it!

Capsule Planning Checklist

It is essential to have a list of what you need to buy for your kids for the coming season. A simple checklist can help you determine what you want and what is not necessary. It is recommended to start creating a capsule wardrobe for your little ones once they are about to grow up or when the seasons change.

Choose a Few Brands that Are Perfect For Your Kids, their Style and Budgets

Different brands have different colour palettes, cuts and sizes. Buying your kid’s clothes from one brand means consistent quality, colour and sizing that can work all together. Buying from a historical brand like Jacadi means style, high quality and beautiful material for your young ones.

Select Colour Palette

Let the brand guide you in the colour palette you choose for the kid’s clothes. Also, you can start from your foundation pieces like a dress, shirt or jacket and build colour for your capsule wardrobe. More than 3 colours per capsule is a lot.

Having Pattern Pieces

When creating a capsule wardrobe with many pieces and patterns, it can be overwhelming to stay neat and organised. Therefore, you can choose to print out patterns and keep them in a three-ringed, laminated binder. Also, you can cut out pattern pieces at once for every individual outfit. This will help you determine the colour you have used too much and those you haven’t used for a while.


Are you ready to create a capsule wardrobe for your kids? Follow these four steps to assist you in making a functional and creative capsule wardrobe. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on expensive brands to create a perfect capsule. Simplify the process of dressing your little one by making thoughtful yet straightforward efforts.