What is education? Education is a process of adopting new skills, information, and values. Education starts when we are still an infant in our mothers’ womb. Education never ends; it follows us until our last breath. Through education, we improve as a person. Teachers are given to show us. They are equipped for showing us perusing, composing, history, science, and mathematics. Lessons are either instructed in English or Malay in most educational institutions.

Today's Education

There are four basic types of education:

1. Essential Education – Also known as Primary School. Consisting around 5-7 years of studies, starting from either 5 or 6; varies in countries. In some countries, this level of education is further subdivided into baby school and junior school.

2. Secondary Education – Also known as Secondary School. Consisting of 5-6 years of studies, starting from the time of either 13 or 14.

3. Advanced Education – Also known as Tertiary Education. A further level in the wake of finishing secondary education to get certificates, diplomas, and academic degrees. Students are proceeding with studies from various colleges and universities around the world. However, some are done locally. In some institutions, students are given an internship in selected companies for continuous preparing.

4. Grown-up Education – Working adults can proceed with their education even in the wake of leaving advanced education. Students can apply Online Education; the most typical decision of education as students need not go to classes. Instead, all should be possible through the Web. Classes are led for all intents and purposes.


Be that as it may, teachers today are not sufficiently skilled in instructing. Not everything except rather some. Illustration, teachers who showed mathematics in one dialect will most likely be unable to educators the subject in another dialect. This may cause a weight to some teachers.

Our Education System: Today

I will start with the issue of our present education system. The biggest issue is, it didn’t propel kids. Millions of kids don’t have a clue about any purposing of going to school, except commitment. When we went to school, we were inculcated by scenario: buckle down, compensated, did well, get a school. Lastly, you will have a vacation. Be that as it may, later on, it is not ensured any longer, not if the course to it marginalizes what you ponder yourself. Also, confronting the flighty monetary circumstances.

Our Education System: Today

This present system was designed and imagined for the other age: Victorians, in the vicinity of an eighteenth and nineteenth century. It was orchestrated in the scholarly culture of the illumination and the financial circumstances of the industrial upheaval. The mental model of the mind stated that the genuine insight consists of the limit of deductive reasoning and learning of the classics, what we come to think as scholastic capacity. It divides individuals into scholarly and non-scholastic, smart individuals and non-smart individuals. As a consequence, numerous splendid individuals believe that they are most certainly not.

In this system, these kids are sedated. They are compelled to overlook any distractions such as games, phones, television and focus on the exhausting stuff at school. Students start losing their interest, barely thinking straight, and losing their consideration altogether. In class, they are given the hypothesis and required to remember it, without knowing the applicable of that setting in this present reality. That is the reason students still disengaged.

It becomes more severe with quantitative standardized testing. They just know they oblige to study and pass the standard. Education is displayed based on the interest of industrialization and in the picture of it. Schools are sorted out on modern facility lines, and students are its made products. The Victorians deliver the education which remakes us a photocopy of each other. How would you be submissive, how would you sit calmly be disengaged for around two hours and take it? The arts are the victims of this mindset.

The arts, especially address the possibility of aesthetic experience, when senses are working at their pinnacle. When we were arresting about the energy of these things with our encountering when we are completely alive. While anesthetic is an ordeal which shut your senses off and deadens yourself to what is going on. We are getting our youngsters taught by anesthetizing them. The implications are easy to be described. These kids just give answers based on what their instructor said. They are reluctant to see things from alternate points of view, lose their essential skill, and shocking anticipating what will make them glad.

The New Education Model of School

A designing new school education model needs the cooperation of students, teachers, best high schools, and government. We should start with an essential question, what sort of yield that we need from education system? I always envision if schools can be put where students can come excitingly, brimming with self-coordinated learning, such a great deal more passion and data about they need to do. It is a good learning process; they learn something when they have reason to learn it.

The New Education Model of School

First, we should wake them up to what is inside of them! On the off chance that we are interested in the model of learning, we should not start from generation line mindset. We need to alter our course from congruity standardized testing and educational programs to different considering. Disparate intuition is an essential limit regarding the imagination, the process of having unique ideas that have esteem.

It is a capacity to see many possible answers to a question, many ways to decipher a question, and think along the side, not just in straight or joined ways. We won’t pass judgment on this subject is superior, and this is most certainly not. We show them how to trust their self-interest, welcome it, and encourage that. It is also urgent to change our institutions’ way of life that regard scholarly students as the potentials item and non-scholastic students as the residuals.

Second, we need to cut the disengaged chain amongst school and the truth. We must revise our objective: score arranged to get to be investigation situated. Students are not instructed how to answer questions on the exam, however how one issue in the official word can be associated and answered by hypothesis they learned in the class. They must not constrain overlooking their most loved games or television channels, yet we lead to join them with education. The fact of the matter is, we don’t restrict their creative energy. They may accompany different questions or even unanswerable. However, it is the way they can start thinking critically.Students will understand how their school connected to their lives and see things from a science perspective.

Third, focusing on the perusing comprehension and basic skill. It based on Indonesia condition. Trends in Universal Mathematics and Science (TIMSS) and Progress in Worldwide Perusing Proficiency Study (PIRLS) assessment uncovered that the perusing capacity of Indonesian kids is pretty much nothing. Whereas, perusing capacity is the principal of science learning. Why would it be able to happen? One of the reason is, we don’t have perusing comprehension educational modules, we just have dialect educational programs. I also have just discovered that perusing to understanding is by making explanation beside the huge passage and rework it on our words through an essay, not the different decision. The numerous decision we used to use does not stimulate students to love education and read, causing the receptive is not shaped. At long last, they don’t know how to solve an issue, things they will confront as a general rule.

As I said some time recently, this education change also needs joint instructor effort. We know, sometimes instructor treats their students as for how they were dealt with by their educator. It is utterly extraordinary. Today’s era is safe from such inflexible schools, and strict rules are not substantial any longer. Teachers need to know how to make them go to school intentionally and completely inspired. The classroom has to be designed to give enough space to enhancing student’s creative ability and investigation. Be that as it may, teachers are the agent of educational programs in the class. Experience the nation with the best education system, Finland, teachers there are knowledgeable and prepared. The better education system needs a better human resource to convey it.

Today's Education 1

Kids today are not urged to learn or retain yet rather they are just urged to show up for such a variety of days out of a school year. They pick up no hard-working attitude from this. It is astounding how the numbers that are slapped on paper are what assert the tyke’s potential.

There was a meeting at the system that I work for, and it investigated how today’s childhood are not school material, and dissimilar to the past days, youngsters don’t move out of home at 18 years old. Kids tend to still inhabit homes between the ages of 18-25 because of the complete laziness they have been adapted to in the educational system.

The vast lion’s share of today’s childhood don’t comprehend what accomplishing an objective is thanks to the 36 hours seven days, ten months out of consistently that they spend in what has turned into America’s educational condition.

Not knowing the significance of acquiring something is the thing that this world has come to. Kids are being shown that only making a halfhearted effort is what matters. At that point when they get out in this present reality the truth is their biggest slap. They experience issues keeping and discovering jobs because they can’t round out an online occupation application and fittingly complete an assessment test. An assessment test shows the hard working attitude that you have; it shows your capacity to work with others as well as your capacity to step up when required.

Evidently, schools are suffering monetarily and as far as enlistment for both open and non-public schools. It’s hard to support something that doesn’t support your kid having the future they should help.

At long last, what I would like to be in the new model of school and secondary school for the 21st century are the students that loaded with learning enthusiasm and the teachers that focus on the investigation as opposed to how to plan students passing the exam. I need perusing composing society and curiosity shaded the school. I don’t need a new institution dumped basic thinking just because there is no contention facilitator. Education is not information transfer that redoes students as an outline of their instructor. Students must be able to transform the experience, so the last objective of education to put out generations who can answer the time risk can accomplish. As the Malcolm Forbes quotes “Education’s purpose of supplanting a vacant personality with an open one.”

Not just that, some educational institutions are needed showing materials and gear including a legitimate library. In this manner, some students experience issues to visualize the situation or question. Furthermore, the instructor may confront the same issue as well. So in what capacity can students put in more interest in the study? The Ministry of Education, teachers, and students should try to turn out with ideas to enhance the present education system. Concur?