Travel Agents Gone Bad

Yesterday, I analyzed an article online about a group of ladies who misplaced some cash after reserving a journey with an online travel agency. The women booked their travel with the agency in suitable faith, most efficient to have their money taken and the flight canceled.

Travel Agents Gone Bad

The object stimulated me to put in writing this weblog publish. With such many scams out there on the internet, I want to ensure you do not fall prey.

So earlier than you book your next bing travel search with an online travel company, make sure you do your homework. With lots of online travel agents presenting travel offerings via the internet, it’s hard to know who to believe. A travel agent has vanished after he prosecutes to rip off old clients and leave them stranded at Sydney Airport. Australia

Taha Baghdadi has been ordered to pay nearly $30,000 in fines, charges, and repayment to a few sufferers whose holidays spoil before they’d even all started. But many others are also believed to had been left high and dry after Baghdadi’s Bankstown-based total agency, Pack N Travel, unexpectedly close in 2014, and he vanished underground with their money.

He didn’t seem earlier than Paramatta Local Court while he becomes convicted last month and has no longer seen. Fair Buying and selling Commissioner Rod Stowe branded Baghdadi’s moves as a “clear case” of a travel agent undertaking deceptive, misleading, and “unconscionable” behavior.


Nikoleta Romans, 81, and her sister Elly Zakat, 75, paid $2200 each for flights from Sydney, Greece, and Dubai. They acquired receipts and itineraries for their holiday. But when they arrived at the Emirates check-in table in December 2014, they located the seats had first of all booked, but the ticket turned later canceled as it had never paid for.

They have not been by me. In 2014, Samir Zoobi paid Baghdadi nearly $10,000 so that he and his family may want to travel to Lebanon and go to his getting older mother and father. But while he referred to as Malaysia Airlines, he became informed a reserving existed in his own family’s call. However, no payment had ever been received.


“I heard from people within the network that he had disappeared,” Mr. Zoobi said. “So I attempted to call him someday, two days, But no solution. When I visited his shop, there have been quite a few people out of doors. I requested them, ‘where is he?’. However, nobody knew.”

Mr. Zoobi stated he later met Baghdadi’s father, who advised him, “just be affected a person; we will have appearance after you.” “That turned into 18 months in the past,” he said Fairfax, including: “I have a son and daughters. My spouse is a trainer. We are proper, sincere people. I depended on this guy to change into the same. But he lied to me.”

Mr. Stowe stated purchasers ought to shield themselves from “dodgy journey agentsby using checking they belong to the Australian Federation of Travel AgentsTravel Accreditation Scheme (ATAS).

Here are few matters that a bad travel agent does not do:

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♦ Ignores clients:

The bad travel agent comes right into a consumer meeting with an agenda. She or he simplest wants to present experience options, probably based totally on the most practical choice to maximize sales and reduce the time spent serving the purchaser. The coolest journey agent takes a time to very well interview a patron about his or her past holidays, the circle of relatives fame, suited destinations, a way of life, price range, and greater. The coolest agent additionally makes sure to do the same interview at regular periods while booking an entire life of tour for that consumer.

♦ Does not actively marketplace:

The bad agent x tv series may position up a commercial enterprise website and perform a little perfunctory social media. However, He or she doesn’t broaden a firm plan to accumulate new clients and make sure new customers don’t jump deliver to book with another agent. The coolest agent has this sort of plan in the area. She or he sends out direct mail, electronic mail blasts, newsletters, or even picks up the cell phone on a regular foundation to “bloodless name” capacity new clients and reach out to present ones.

♦ Does not recognize products:

Sure, it’s difficult to realize each travel product in the market, so agents focus on some. The incorrect agent may additionally attempt to promote the entirety—and might turn out to be selling not anything. The horrific agent also doesn’t try to experience the goods she or he sells toy has miles more difficult time selling them. The awful agent also doesn’t benefit from the multitude of supplier training programs within the marketplace nowadays.

♦ Does no longer recognize locations:

Again, the terrible agent honestly might not have experienced the locations She or he sells, as a minimum now not to the volume to relate their reviews to clients. The bad agent also doesn’t take advantage of vacation spot expert schooling publications to improve his or her knowledge of a rural location or town. It’s truly not possible to sell a vacation spot without having killed it, in my view.

♦ Does not observe up:

A bad Hollywood view agency promises aol travel options and charges Howeverfails to promptly supply the client, who then actions on to any other agent. A horrific agent also fails to observe up with the purchaser after an experience that has been booked to look the way it went. An awful agent does not often take a check-in with a customer to evaluate travel desires, even on different activities that would celebrate the journey.

♦ Does not expand relationships:

One of the very motives why agents are a success nowadays is setting up company hyperlinks to their customers and suppliers. They are the Goamong, the negotiator, and the emissary for the journey. The terrible agent fails to develop such relationships in any meaningful way.

Right here are few signs in case your agents is a problem:

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  • Demands you pay in cash

Legit organizations take credit card delivery, and you’d be nicely suggested to use plastic while you make a travel purchase. Why? Because the cardboard protects you if something is going incorrect — say, your airline goes bankrupt, or your hotel burns to the ground. Or maybe if your agent runs off with the cash without paying for your journey.

“I have never heard of a valid travel agent most useful accepting money,” says Stacy Small, president of Brentwood, Calif.-primarily based Elite Travel International. “This would right away activate a purple flag.” (That isn’t to say you must never consider a card transfer, she provides. Some international places travel agencies offer a three percent to four percent discount for cash purchases; however, they recommend using a credit score card.)

  • It acts funny while you carry up commissions

Travel agents make money in two methods: charging a booking fee or taking a rate from a travel organization. If you ask about an agency’s reimbursement, a tour adviser who’s on the up-and-up ought to be willing to overtly discuss bonuses, so-known as “overrides” and other sorts of commission.

Responses including “What I am making is none of your businessis a sign of hassle. In fact, it could mean the agent is trying to sell you a holiday that isn’t always on your exceptional pursuits.

“My pet peeve is to look an agent push a purchaser into a cruise or tour that won’t in shape the customer, But doing it anyhow Because one, it’s clean, and two, they get a better commission,” says Patricia Dwight, proprietor of Adventure Travel, an organization in Summerville, South Carolina.

Travel agents want to consider “specialists” in the same manner we do real estate agents or economic advisers. The commissions and compensations of these experts directly divulge. Why no longer the ones of agents?

  • Provides a reserving fee to your bill after you have determined to shop for a holiday

An agent on the up-and-up will reveal all prices, surcharges, and extras earlier than you are making a booking choicenot later on. Agents who inform you, “Oh, with the aid of the mannerthere is a $50 reservation price,” are being much less than in advance with you. And who knows what else they’re now not telling you?

It’s essential to have the entirety in writing, so there is a paper trail to follow, and being in advance usually,” says Cindy Harris, an agent with Travel ‘N Dive Adventures, which makes a specialty of diving, snorkeling, and fishing destinations. Harris says a good agent treats clients like buddies — “courteously, honesty, and respect.”

  • Does not recognize a factor about where you’re going

If your tour adviser has by no means heard of the vacation spot you would like to visit, that might not be a good signal. If it’svicinity (“Orlando? where’s that?), you might need to slowly lower back away toward the go out. ”

The maximum vital high-quality in a terrific agent is a vacation spot know-how and the potential to shape the ideal excursion with every purchaser,” says Chet McDoniel, owner of Off to Neverland Travel, which makes a specialty of Disney locations. “The ability to listen and custom tailor each and each itinerary are essential to being of the provider to my customers.”

  • It is impossible to reach ifyour travel agent disappears after creating a sale; it is now not an excellent sign.

“A travel agent should be able to be contacted,” says Marcy Lannon, a manager for Meridian journey in Dania Seaside, Florida. “That does not imply that they have to be on name 24/7. However, I assume that it does mean you must be capable of contacting them at some point of their commercial enterprise hours, and you must count on replies promptly.”

The worst agents by no means name again after booking a trip, never follow as much as ensure you had a real holiday, and are in no way available while something goes incorrect. You’re better off shopping for a journey online, directly thru an airline, hotel, or tour operator.