Traveling with Disabilities within the Caribbean

A journey to the Caribbean may be an assignment for a person with a bodily disability, handicap, or injury that impedes mobility; however, that doesn’t make it impossible. People with physical handicaps, age-related mobility issues, or injuries that make it more difficult to get around can experience a Caribbean vacation just in addition to all and sundry else. With touch research and some considerate decision-making, disabled travelers can make their desires of paradise a reality.

The maximum commonplace strategies for attaining the Caribbean are airplanes and cruise ships. Most airways and cruise ship operators have accommodations for travelers with bodily disabilities; however, these can range extensively from organization to company. Consequently, it is usually recommended that tourists touch their airline or cruise operator earlier than reserving their experience to discover what type of services and facilities are to be had for unique desires vacationers.

Choosing a Destination

Some countries in the Caribbean are more handicap-reachable than others. Due to the massive numbers of tourists who arrive each year, the location’s islands have been making efforts to improve situations for vacationers with disabilities. By doing a little research before leaving, travelers with bodily disabilities can discover an island this is ideal for their traveling needs. Here are a few islands within the Caribbean that have made a further attempt in accommodating those travelers with physical handicaps:

*St. John: In the beyond, the Virgin Islands had been notoriously hard locations for traffic with physical disabilities but all that has been modified in recent years. St. John has been a pioneer for the island group in becoming extra touchy to the desires of disabled vacationers. Many agencies and sights, including beaches, have delivered adjustments consisting of ramps and different facilities to make it less difficult for people with bodily disabilities to revel in the island. St. John even gives a unique all-inclusive package, which incorporates transportation, eating places, resorts, and sports for site visitors with disabilities.

*Puerto Rico: Another island inside the Caribbean that has been enlightened to the needs of disabled travelers is Puerto Rico. The island enforces the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) just as a whole lot because the United States and even has a handicap-on hand seashore that has been ready with wheelchair ramps. The Sea Without Barriers at Luquillo Beach on Puerto Rico has a ramp that goes from the parking zone to a platform at the beach and gives aquatic wheelchairs and other inns for the bodily disabled. The facilities at this seaside, including bathrooms and shower centers, have additionally been designed to be, without difficulty, reachable by using beachgoers with physical limitations.

*Aruba: There are several accommodations and other houses on Aruba that offer centers that might be handy for people with bodily disabilities. Also, the island’s Queen Beatrix International Airport meets all the ADA requirements and has fully-ready facilities and skilled specialists on personnel.

At the Airport

Navigating an international airport can be nerve-racking and greater than a bit disturbing, especially for those with bodily handicaps. To make the manner smoother, there are a few matters that disabled vacationers need to do not forget before they come to the airport.

*Medical Certificates: Just because a traveler is disabled does not mean that the airline will request a medical certificate, but if there’s a situation whether or now not the passenger can see the entire flight without greater scientific assistance, airline officials may also ask for scientific documentation.

*Airport Accessibility: Some of the smaller airports inside the Caribbean might not have equal centers for physically disabled vacationers in the larger airports inside the United States. Vacationers are counseled to contact each airport on the itinerary to inquire approximately the form of centers that are presented.

*Security Screening: Passengers with disabilities will pass through the same safety screenings as other passengers, which may be made greater hard by using a wheelchair or other mobility aid. Keep in thoughts that this can slow down the boarding procedure, so tourists might want to arrive at the airport a bit earlier.

*Boarding the aircraft: Many of the Caribbean airports are small, and airplane passengers regularly need to take stairs to reach the tarmac. Some airplanes are equipped with lifts that lower disabled passengers to the tarmac with the assistance of an airline worker.


In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), many cruise traces provide greater reachable centers on cruise ships. More and more cruise ships are presenting cabins with wider doors and flat thresholds, in addition to wheel-in showers, onboard ramps, elevators, and activities that can be without difficulty reachable for visitors with bodily handicaps. Also, via taking a cruise in preference to flying, travelers with disabilities might not need to fear the trouble of getting directly to and stale of the aircraft. One of the pleasant cruise lines for passengers with disabilities is Princess Cruise Lines, which has been designing ships with cabins that might be wheelchair-friendly considering that 1984. Carnival, Holland America, and Crystal are other options that have cabins mainly for disabled passengers and handicap-handy public areas. These cruise strains also have shipped with facilities like hydraulic lifts to get inside and out of the pool and casinos with wheelchair-approachable slot machines.

Upon docking, physically challenged passengers may additionally come across different troubles like getting from the boat to the island and finding handicap-reachable sports. Some cruise traces have established lifts to assist vacationers with attending to and from the delivery. While on the island, relying on the cruise line, there can be handicap-reachable excursions, including numerous shore sports.

Most hotels have handicap-on-hand rooms, but travelers with disabilities ought to touch their hotel earlier to discover extra distinctive facts about the hotel’s precise motels for travelers with disabilities. Just because an inn is categorized as handicap-available does not suggest it’ll always meet your tour desires. Guests ought to name their motel ahead of time to discover the particular measurements of doors in addition to bathroom dimensions.

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