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What is the warrior lifestyle? The actual warrior is an extraordinary character in the latest international. He lives existence with a specific set of values as compared with the relaxation of society. Even folks who do share equal values, not often stay a lifestyle that adheres to the one’s values to the quantity that the warrior does. To the general public, ethics are situational. They make selections by what’s high-quality for them, as opposed to what’s right. This isn’t always the case with the warrior. The warrior values honor, integrity, justice, and his sense of right, chiefly else. His ethics are not situational; they may be his manner of life.

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The warrior lifestyle revolves around a code of ethics that is non-negotiable. The warrior’s code of ethics, or code of honor, is taken very seriously. To the warrior, distinguishing between proper and wrong is of the utmost significance. He sees proper and incorrect in terms of black and white. He knows that a motion is either honorable or dishonorable. This isn’t always supposed to suggest that honor is black and white; honor isn’t always that simple.

Those who live the warrior lifestyle realize that whether or not or no longer a movement is honorable is determined by way of each one’s intentions and the scenario handy. This isn’t always to be pressured with situational ethics. The warrior’s ethics do no longer alternate consistent with the state of affairs. His movements will trade as wished, but his ethics remain set in stone. There is a huge distinction between ethics and movements. Ethics decide movements; moves do not decide ethics.

The warrior lifestyle is involved with what’s proper and what’s honorable. A warrior’s ethics revolve around those issues. Justice and honor are major in his thoughts. His mind is focused on “what’s right,” no longer on different human beings‘ critiques of what’s right. He realizes that many human beings profess a belief in absolutes which they neither stay by using nor really consider in, while push involves shove.

The handiest absolute that the warrior lives through is that of what is proper and incorrect. If it is not right, he doesn’t do it. He determines what is right and wrong using his strict code of ethics, now not a few arbitrary laws or the politically accurate requirements of the day. The warrior doesn’t look honorable; he’s honorable. Sincerity is ingrained in this way of life. This is a way of life that is meant to be lived, not fantasized approximately or discussed.

This lifestyle includes a lot more than being trained in the art of warfare or the art of self-defense, even though those are an essential part of the warrior’s existence. It also consists of the assignment to best one’s person. This is a procedure just like the Japanese concept of kaizen. Kaizen may be translated as a constant, never-finishing improvement. True warriors try and practice this concept in each place of their existence. They seek to balance and improve every vicinity – spirit, thoughts, and frame, on day by day basis.

Each vicinity of your life is critical and should be saved in balance. Training guys within the artwork of warfare or the artwork of martial arts, without regard to a person, best produce a dangerous guy; it does not produce a warrior. In years past, the martial arts masters could not teach someone completely until they felt confident of that man or woman’s person. Today maximum colleges will educate all of us who can pay, no matter their person or lack of man or woman. This is dangerous data to offer to just any people who come alongside. In my opinion, a person has to be a prerequisite, now not simplest for martial arts training, but for many of the privileges which we enjoy in this USA.


I am often asked whether or not I believe that the term “warrior” must practice best to military males and females who’ve been in a struggle or too educated and skilled fighters. Although I recognize this is the literal definition of a warrior, I no longer consider that that is the correct definition, no longer according to the numerous bills from beyond warriors anyway. This literal definition of a warrior isn’t the definition used for our discussion of the warrior way of life in Warrior Wisdom. An ape may be skilled to throw punches and kick, and a canine can be educated to fight. However, that doesn’t make either of them warriors. Being a warrior involves more than being educated to fight or being within the military; it entails man or woman training. Character schooling is the proper aim of Bushido, the manner of the warrior.

Please understand me; I even have amazing recognize for our navy males and females. But I consider that everyone who has ever served within the army will agree that not each soldier lives by the individual developments vital for the warrior lifestyle, any more than every martial artist or all of us in fashionable lives by these standards. I’m not taking something far from people who serve our USA. Every character who serves our USA deserves our appreciation and gratitude, but the provider doesn’t always indicate that a person is worried about perfecting his or her individual. It is uncommon to locate folks who take their ethics seriously today. It is not unusual to locate people who declare to take their ethics critically. However, I am regarding individuals who walk to the walk, no longer “communicate the speak.

Yes, the warrior is involved with bodily training and the martial arts. However, he also is aware that individual education is the cornerstone of the warrior way of life. The actual warrior has to learn martial arts. His ethics require that he be ready to protect his own family, friends, or himself in positive conditions. In the latest world, you never recognize whilst you may use your martial arts talents. You must have this education as self-reliant and as safe as possible, but without a code of ethics based on a deep understanding of proper and wrong, there’s no warrior handiest a person skilled to combat. There is a distinction. Without the individual developments of honor, integrity, and justice, there’s no warrior lifestyle.

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In brief, the warrior way of life is for each person who needs to live an existence of excellence, a life that adheres to a strict code of ethics. It would help if you were inclined to live your lifestyles based on honor, preparedness, and what’s proper. This lifestyle requires which you placed your ethics before your consolation and which you positioned properly earlier than what is profitable is. It calls for filial duty, willpower to family and pals, and a willingness to help those in want. It calls for independence in thought and motion. This lifestyle is a choice, not a profession.

This is just a brief introduction to the lifestyle of the warrior. Each of those points may be greatly expanded, and I consider that not everyone will consider my assessment. Even if you disagree with my definition of a warrior or the traits of the warrior lifestyle, you may nevertheless find the understanding of this book to be beneficial. Warrior Wisdom seeks to offer the reader expertise throughout a long time to help him live the warrior lifestyle. This lifestyle is not an aim to be done, however alternatively an avenue to be traveled. May you tour this road with honor.

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