BBC Sport readers expect final 2018-19 positions

With the Premier League season at the halfway stage, we’ve asked you to expect how the table will look in May. Tens of heaps of you obtain worried, and the effects are in, with Liverpool overwhelmingly tipped to win a first pinnacle-flight title in 29 years. Jurgen Klopp’s aspect had been backed to finish as champions with the aid of sixty-four % of you, with simply 25% announcing defending champions Manchester City will maintain their identity. You are predicting Tottenham and Chelsea to make up the Champions League places, with Arsenal simply lacking out and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer guiding Manchester United to a 6th-positioned end.

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At the bottom, there is ideal information for Burnley, who is tipped to overtake Cardiff and end seventeenth, which might be enough to preserve their Premier League repute. If BBC Sports readers are proper, it will be relegation for Fulham, Cardiff, and Huddersfield. Last yr’s Farmer Wants A Wife finale that aired on the 15th of September 2010 garnered a whopping overall of 1. Forty-five million viewers are primarily based on OzTAM rankings. This file simplest proves that The Farmer Wants A Wife Australian version has been given this sort of strong foothold in the country, making Channel Nine the maximum famous neighborhood TV community for the younger target market. Now, brace yourselves for Australia’s most preferred reality TV show is pretty much to return for its 6th season, nevertheless on Nine Network!

Last yr, Fremantle Media, the developer of Farmer Wants A Wife, started its search for the show’s sixth season, for farmers 25 to 60 years vintage who’re looking for the love of their lives. Interested contestants should of the path be operating as farmers and may either be male or woman. Last year’s packages for the sixth season of the show ended on the 24th of September, and the very last contestants are actually prepared to be unveiled!

Only six of the loads to heaps of candidates had been chosen as the very last farmers for the show. After the packages were submitted, the profiles of the aspiring contestants have been displayed on the website via a series of activities, webchat periods, velocity dating, town trips, and united states stays. Eventually, those were narrowed to just six very last farmers who’re now officially one step in the direction of locating their very own soul associates.

To the ones of you who are avid viewers of the stated display and may not anticipate its debut episode for the 12 months, here’s a tentative list of the 6 farmers who will be starting the 2011 Farmer Wants a Wife, Australia. The display’s internet site currently discovered who the six lucky farmers are, where they’re from, how vintage they are and what their insights are on love, lifestyles, and the associate of their lives:

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1. Farmer Mark, from Mareeba, Queensland, and presently 27 years antique. Mark describes himself as a “being concerned person who enjoys giving.

2. Farmer Ben of Clare, South Australia, aged 33. He sees himself as “outgoing, open-minded, beneficial and easy to talk to.

3. Farmer Charles, from Barraba, NSW, elderly 32. Charles says he is “impartial, unswerving and the kind of bloke who’d as an alternative have one mate than 10 buddies.”

4. Farmer Nick, from Gordon, Victoria, and 26 years vintage. When asked to describe himself, he stated: “funny, dependable, usually seeking for adventure yet conventional in a romantic feel.”

5. Farmer Melia, the handiest lady among the six contestants, is 30 years antique and from Yallingup, West Australia. According to her, she’s an “opportunist, witty, sensible, a problem-solver, and down-to-earth.”

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