Ten Exciting NCAAF Players for 2022 

College football has officially entered the reset phase. Now that the 2022 season has begun, teams from across the United States will compete for the College Football Playoffs National Championship at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California.

With the next NFL Draft deadline approaching for eligible players, we’ll see which college football’s best players leave and return this season. The team’s roster and depth chart are yet to be finalized by then, and the transfer portal deadline is months away. Here are our top ten college football picks for 2022.

Will Anderson Jr.

Alabama’s Will Anderson Jr. is the most likely player to return to college football. At 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighing 243 pounds, the attention-grabbing player is a top player regarding undefeated tackles for runs (15) and positive last-season ratings. He also had more quarterback pressure than any player at age 81, regardless of his position.

At this age, he is a 5-star recruit, especially in his SEC; as a freshman (2020), he is 79.1; as a sophomore (2021), he is 89.8. He is PFF his grade. It is unusual to receive a.

Bryce Young

Although Young ultimately failed to win a national title, his performances in his first season as Alabama’s starting quarterback were exceptional. His 92.2 Passing not only placed him in the top 3 for the 2021 season, but he was the third-best quarterback in his grade for an undrafted player ever recorded by PFF College.

Given the challenging competition he faced and the fact that he started the year with nothing but a Trash Time rep, his true sophomore raw performance is already impressive. It’s all the more noticeable, given the ongoing pressure he’s had to deal with.

Young has been under pressure this season with 36.2% of dropbacks, the eighth-highest percentage in the Power Five. He showed maturity over the years under pressure and produced a few plays when his rhythm was disturbed, but such sports usually lowered the signal grade. 

Caller’s Young, with a clean pocket, Scored 94.7, the highest passing score in the nation.

Above all, the high level of processing was astonishing. When the Alabama quarterback was forced to take his first reading in 2021, he had his 89.5 PFF mark. Young is arguably the best quarterback to play college football again this fall.

Jaxon Smith-Njigba

College football’s top returning wide receiver is on Ohio State’s roster despite losing two first-round wideouts to the NFL. Smith Nigba earned a rating of 91.7 PFF this season thanks to his record-breaking performance in the Rose Bowl. Incredible, I know. 

He’s also been among his top three Power Five wide receivers for the last five years. Smith Nigba has the widest receivers in the nation, with his 4.01 rushing yards per route.

Sprint speed, ball skills, distance running.

Jalen Carter

Georgia has lost many highly skilled players on the defensive line, but the team is bringing back one of the best central defenders in the country. Carter, his 5-Star recruit for 2020, ranked him No. 1 in the Power Five last season with an 89.7 pass rush mark. 

The 6’3″ 310lbs center-back ranked first in pass rush win percentage (18.5%) and second in print completion percentage (13.4%) in this group. Positive in the nation over four percentage points. 

His runs in his playing percentage also made him one of the best players against runs. The icing on the cake is that he helped block his goals on the field many times this season.

Caleb Williams 

Williams, the second-best all-around quarterback behind Quinn Ewers and a top-10 recruit in his class for 2021, is still deciding on a new school via the transfer portal. One joins the latest roster of 6-foot-1-inch, 218-pound quarterbacks—probably Lincoln Riley’s USC Trojans. 

As a true newbie quarterback in his PFF, Williams beat Trevor Lawrence to score a PFF grade 91.3 and set his season-best singles record. By consistently targeting downfield home runs, Williams sometimes made it more complicated than needed. 

As a result, Williams has frequently been erratic since replacing Spencer Rattler against Texas, posting passing scores below 70.0 four times. In 2022, he has learned to time check-downs and focus on not staying on the ball too long. 

His throw average is 3.51 seconds, and his quarterback error pressure percentage is 29.2. Both ranked in the top three of his Five for Power. It still has top-notch mechanics and tools, which allows it to be produced to a high standard.

Jordan Addison

In 2021, Addison managed a respectable load, averaging ten goals per game. In power fives, he earned his second-most catches of 15 yards or more, and the Biletnikov Prize winner made the most of the opportunity, earning a rating of 87.6 (40). 

The 2022 true juniors typically operate outside their slots, setting the national record for touchdowns (12), but have also proven to be a massive threat outside. Last season, Addison’s streak of 3.33 yards each out of this configuration put him third-best among his receivers wide in the school of power fives.

Deuce Vaughn

Vaughan quietly achieved a top-three PFF grade (91.1) among running backs that season. The 5-foot-6 back accounted for 59 total plays and added more than 10 yards thanks to his performance as the best rusher and receiver among the Power Five running backs. 

His receiving score puts him in the top 10 with 78.8, and his running score ranks him second with 93.4. According to PFF Wins Above Average, he was the nation’s Most Valuable Running Back (WAA).

Kelee Ringo

Life gets a little easier when a cornerback plays in one of the greatest front sevens in college football history, as Ringo did in 2021, but he’s a talented player with high potential. Has been proven.

Ringo was ranked his 4th best overall recruit in the 2020 class. At 6 feet 2 inches and 205 pounds, he has the strength and length to challenge wide receivers on the line and is unusually fast for his size. 

He struggled against Alabama and Tennessee as his slow-reacting plays led to favorable margins for his opponents. However, given his age and background, he ultimately performed at a high level. Only two of Ringo’s 36 targets in single coverage could be separated from the receiver.

Noah Sewell

One of college football’s greats is part of the Sewell family. Noah is now wreaking havoc on defense after Penny dominated the offense. Oregon’s off-ball linebacker is a fearsome Blitzer who attacks blocks with passion. 

Sewell said in 2021, he had an 88.6 pass-rushing rating, and from 98 pass-rushing, he assembled 34 presses. Even though he is 6ft 3 and weighs 251 lbs, his movements are strange. No one has a higher ceiling than Sewell, but his tackle needs to be clean.