Seven Smart Tips to Plan Your Event on a Budget

It is a common belief that event planners have to be ready with unlimited, or at least a huge amount of monetary resources to make a better impact. And, while it is true that a greater budget does allow exploring well, it doesn’t imply that organizers or hosts with a smaller budget can generate any fewer results. For an event to be successful and have the right impression for the audience, it is generally the creativity that matters. With a well-coordinated team and knows how to get the message right to the people, the event can get the desired engagement and networking. So, if you are eager to know how, here are some expert tips to help you –

How To Host a Big Event on a Budget

Understand your Audience

Knowing your target audience and demographics inside-out is crucial to plan an event on a tame budget. That way, you can think efficiently, spend less on marketing initiatives, and get partners/sponsors on board to reduce your event costs.

Pen Down your Overall Budget

One must not be treating events as an afterthought and instead of planning the budget way ahead of time. Especially if you are organizing a business-driven event, you have got to be strategic about your goals and budget beforehand, including the event venue required for your corporate guests.

Don’t Hesitate to Negotiate.

When choosing a venue or making other arrangements, one must consider the maximum budget limit in hand. That mainly applies to the venue, which is your greatest expense. So, get multiple estimates for different venues and try to negotiate to get the best deal.

Show Some Flexibility with Dates

It is surprising to see how booking a venue on any weekday attracts much lower costs compared to what you have to pay on the weekends. Of course, some banquet halls like Claireport Place in Edmonton offer the best deals and prices all year long.

Look into Food and Beverage Costs

Unless you are working on a culinary event, you don’t have to plan fancy and extravagant catering. With a small budget in hand, you have to look for food menus that are cost-effective yet good and savory. A few simple examples are grilled sandwiches, falafel, cupcakes, salad, and signature cocktails.

The world has gone digital these days. So, instead of planning printed marketing materials for your event attendees, use Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn to spread the word about the event. You can also resort to e-mail marketing to confine to your budget.

Keep a Track

Little expenses incurred before and during the event can drastically add up and hurt your pocket at the end of the day. Thus, you must monitor all the small costs, including the additional charges and hidden fees, to be able to maximize the ROI of your event.