Toy Defense Fantasy Mod Review


Toy Defense is a mod for the PC. It is a mod based on the popular Defense Max game available through steam and modding communities. This mod pack features the most up-to-date content available for the game, along with some cool stuff thrown in. Here’s a quick overview of the mod and what to expect.

Toy Defense Fantasy Mod Review

A couple of things are obvious right out of the gate. The mod is mainly a hack and slash game. You’ll see the same hack and slash gameplay that you would find in the actual game, but the mod adds a little twist. Instead of just killing the enemy, you’ll also have to think about how you can defend yourself. Think about what kind of weapons you have available and how you plan on using them.

In addition to this, though, there is also a story added to the game as well. It will be set during the year 2512 when the world has been devastated by a mysterious virus. A couple of years later, a mysterious girl appears and begins instructing her own young photos children in the Zerg’s ways. As you can probably guess, the people of Aiur aren’t too pleased about this turn of events and send in the military to finish off the threat once and for all. Your mission is to help defend their capital city from waves of orbital bombardment and any troops that might show up to help with the battle.

Unlike most Toy Defense Max mods, where you have one standard military unit, you have three main characters to choose from in this one. These characters include the Archon, Corrupter, and Malorie. Each has special abilities and weaknesses that can be used to your advantage. You can build these characters up as you level up through using skills and attributes earned throughout the game.

This mod features a multiplayer mode as well. You can battle it out with one of two friends or fight head-on with a single enemy for ultimate destruction. The mod features an upgrade system to quickly earn more powerful characters and weapons as you progress through the levels. Plus, you can find rare rewards by completing certain objectives throughout the game.

If you are familiar with playing toy defense games, you will appreciate the attention to detail that this mod takes to design the figures, enemies, and backgrounds. For example, each of the units has its own distinctive look, complete with weapon iconography. The background and weapon effects are particularly realistic and beautifully painted. This was a labor of love for its developer.