What is the Goal of Education?

Since the advent of this cloth world, man’s efforts to make a permanent house right here had frequently been baffled. Birth, sickness, old age, and death harass everybody without exception. The laws of nature are so stringent that the even maximum effective men are crushed and reduced to bones or ashes on the quit. No one has ever escaped the icy arms of a mysterious death; in the beyond, neither will anyone, inside the destiny.

What is the Goal of Education? 1

Despite difficult and sundry coverage regulations, there is no immunity towards disease, antique age, and loss of life. Neither the complicated protection association of politicians can defend everybody from the ravages of disease, old age, and loss of life.

The advancement of fabric know-how has completed after nothing in fixing these existential issues of lifestyles. It helps us to grow to be acclimatized to delivery, loss of life, and all sorts of suffering. Material scientists have found many centers for experience enjoyment and destruction. However, they’ve observed no option to the issues of old age, disease, and death. They can’t make any system on the way to check demise, old age, or sickness. A pleasant, fabric technological know-how can handiest create bombs and bullets to accelerate the procedure of demise. Those who are wise but are not worried about the fourfold miseries of fabric life, but with elevation to the spiritual planets.

The phrase schooling takes its roots from the Latin word ‘educate,’ which means delivering out. What is to be introduced out? The divine qualities are inherent in all beings. The Bhagavad-gita, in all likelihood the oldest scripture on the planet, tells us that man has a physical, diffused, or mental and spiritual presence. The senses are superior to the gross body, the mind superior to the senses, above the mind is the intelligence. Even above intelligence is the soul, the proprietor of the body. The Bible corroborates this reality by announcing a man has terrestrial and celestial bodies. It is only the spirit soul that survives death.

Real schooling, therefore, means self-recognition, recognition of the non secular identity of the man. The real training begins with an inquiry into the self and its beginning. Any training which does not deal with this pertinent trouble or leads to such cognizance must be considered avidya or nescience. Therefore the advancement of gaining knowledge by way of a godless civilization is as risky as a valuable jewel on the hood of a cobra. A cobra decorated with a precious jewel is riskier than the only one not decorated. A decorated cobra may additionally appear appealing and without problems wrong, much less the clever; however, its fangs stay as poisonous and lethal because they are undecorated.

What is the Goal of Education? 2

In the Vedic scriptures, the development of education with the aid of godless humans is compared to decorations on a lifeless frame. In India, as in lots of other nations, a few humans observe the custom of main a procession with an embellished dead body to satisfy the lamenting household. In the same way, modern civilization is a patchwork of sports meant to cover the perpetual miseries of fabric lifestyles.

Out of His unlimited kindness, the Personality of Godhead sends His bona fide representatives in the shape of His sons, servants, and messengers such as Jesus Christ, Mohammed, the Buddha, and so forth. To propagate religious education, by way of which the conditioned souls of this world can return to the eternal kingdom of God. Sometimes the Lord comes Himself to try this work, considering that all residing beings are His cherished sons, His elements and parcels. God feels greater sorry than ourselves to see how all the living entities of this international are continuously undergoing brilliant tribulations.

The miseries of this fabric world serve to remind us of our incompatibility with the matter indirectly. Intelligent living entities usually take notice of these reminders and interact themselves inside the tradition of transcendental know-how. Human existence is the satisfactory possibility for culturing spiritual expertise, and a person who does not take advantage of this possibility is known as a naradhama, the bottom of people.

The direction of avidya, or advancement of fabric know-how for feel gratification, is the course of repeated birth and demise. As he exists spiritually, the dwelling entity has no delivery or demise. Birth and dying follow to the outward protecting of the spirit soul, the frame. Death is in comparison to the taking off and birth to the putting on of outward garments.

Foolish humans who’re grossly absorbed inside the way of life of avidya, nescience, do now not mind this cruel process. Enamored with the splendor of the illusory power, they undergo equal miseries time and again and do not study any training from the legal guidelines of nature.

Therefore the tradition of Vidya, or transcendental information, is essential for the man or women. Sense amusement within the diseased cloth circumstance ought to be confined as far as feasible. Unrestricted experience leisure on this physical circumstance is the course of lack of awareness and death. The dwelling entities are not without nonsecular senses; each dwelling being in his unique, spiritual form has all the senses, which can now be materially manifested, being included through the cloth body and thoughts.

The activities of the material senses are perverted reflections of the activities of the original, spiritual senses. In his diseased condition, the spirit soul engages in material activities beneath the material covering. Real sense leisure is viable simplest when the ailment of materialism is eliminated. In our natural spiritual shape, free from all cloth contamination, the real enjoyment of the senses is possible. A patient should regain his fitness earlier than he can without a doubt enjoy feel delight once more.

Thus the purpose of human lifestyles must no longer be to enjoy a perverted sense of amusement however to cure the fabric ailment. Aggravation of the fabric disorder is no signal of know-how, but a sign of avidya, lack of knowledge. For right health, a person ought to now not increase his fever from one zero five degrees to 107 levels but must lessen his temperature every day ninety-eight. 6. That should be the goal of human existence. The modern-day trend of fabric civilization is to grow the temperature of the feverish fabric circumstance, which has reached the point of 107 tiers within the shape of atomic power. Meanwhile, the foolish politicians are crying that at any second, the sector may match to hell. That is the result of the advancement of cloth understanding and the forget of the most crucial part of lifestyles, the lifestyle of spiritual information.

Sri Isopanisad herein warns that we have to observe this dangerous path main to death no longer. On the contrary, we ought to expand the way of life of nonsecular understanding so that we may also emerge as absolutely loose from the continuous miseries of beginning, disorder, antique age, and dying, and go back to our everlasting home inside the religious sky, in which we will experience everlasting bliss lose from all fabric encumbrances.