22 tips, tricks and shortcuts for Android Lollipop

1. Settings Seek Bar

Tip #1: Settings Seek

Settings now has its personal dedicated Seek bar. At the same time as this may seem like a very minor addition, it’s definitely a tremendous timesaver while you recognize exactly what you’re after. For example, permit’s say you need to change your network settings, but you don’t understand in which to appearance. Just head to settings and look for “community” and you’ll find what you need nearly instantly. That is one in every of many neat little features in Lollipop that surely helps to boom efficiency in an easy and intuitive way.

2. Swipe Twice For new Notification Bar

Lollipop comes with a new notification bar – definitely swipe down as soon as from the pinnacle of your screen to study your notifications and swipe down once more to get admission to your short settings. As in previous versions, it’s nonetheless viable to get right of entry to your brief settings with a touch extra velocity by using swiping down with arms rather than one. From here you could get right of entry to all the same old and familiar Android functions, with some new options brought with the brand new OS, consisting of flashlight Reality Crazy.

3. Flashlight

Android Tip #3: Torch

Tip #3: Torch

Android sooner or later has its personal constructed in flashlight button, which may be located in your notification screen. This feature, which has been on iOS and Windows Phone for some time now, uses your Smartphone’s LED flash as a torch at the contact of a button. Previously, Android proprietors had been forced to download a separate flashlight app, which is you’re upgrading, you could in all likelihood pass in advance and delete now until you’re after particular third birthday party features, such as strobe lights or timed flash effects.

22 tips, tricks and shortcuts for Android Lollipop 1

4. Facts Usage Notification

That is an on hand characteristic if you’re on a strict Facts plan and also you have a propensity to head a chunk overboard. Use the 2 fingered downward swipe to access your short settings before tapping in your Phone’s sign symbol. A new display will seem displaying the amount of cell Facts you’ve used. Tap extra Settings and you could set a selected Fact caution in addition to a Data limit, making it nearly impossible to veer outdoor of your agreement and saving you from racking up a few unpleasant payments. For example, when you have 5GB of Statistics a month, you may set the caution at 4GB and the restriction at 5GB. Once you attain 5GB of Facts Utilization, your Cellphone will flip off all Records.


5. Hide Or Disable Touchy Notifications

Notifications have acquired plenty of unique interest in Lollipop. Now not handiest do you have got extra manage over them (consisting of double tapping to open the app associated with the notification), but they’re now also displayed to your lock screen, permitting you to peer what’s occurring for your Smartphone at a look. The downside to this but is that so can every body else. If you’re receiving notifications that show Touchy content material, you could ensure That is saved hidden till you enter your passcode. Simply head to Settings > Sound and Notifications and beneath the setting that asserts ‘Whilst device is locked’ select ‘Hide Sensitive notification content material’. You could additionally Disguise all notifications in case you wish.

6. Long Press To Do away with Notification Spam

Android Tip #6: Silence notifications

Tip #6: Silence notifications

With loads of apps come a variety of notifications. Once in a while those are helpful, consisting of weather updates or chat notifications, but other times they’re an ache inside the neck, which includes software program updates or intrusive games urging you to buy improvements. Subsequent time you get hold of a notification you don’t need, Faucet and hold it till a small ‘i’ seems at the right hand aspect. Faucet to ‘i’ button and you may both block the app from sending notifications inside the future, or set it as a priority, in order that it’s continually at the pinnacle of your listing and will come via even when your Phone is set to silent.

7. Do Now not Disturb

Android Tip #7: Do Not disturb

Tip #7: Do Not disturb

Lollipops do Now not disturb functions are especially clean to installation. Flip your extent up or down using the rocker activate the side of your tool and a small window will pop up with the options None, Precedence and All. Tap None and no notifications will wake up your Cellphone, this consists of calls, texts, updates and even alarms. Tap Precedence and most effective specific interruptions may be allowed via – to set those up, Faucet the little cog wheel at the pinnacle right hand nook. Subsequently, All will permit all notifications to return via. Every of those placing can be assigned to work for a selected quantity of time or indefinitely.

8. Create Profiles, restrict Capability

Android Tip #8: Upload users

Tip #8: Add users

you can now create custom and visitor profiles in the modern Android replace. Swipe down to your notifications bar and faucet the profile icon within the pinnacle proper hand nook to view the user profiles currently to be had. If you haven’t used this earlier than, you’ll see your own profile and the choice to log in as a visitor or create a brand new profile. Logging in as a guest is a brief manner to percentage your device with confined Capability – perhaps if you’re loaning your Cellphone to a pal or a co-employee for some hours. Growing a new profile but will provide the user with their personal area, which can be customised with extra functions that aren’t available in a visitor profile.

9. Pin Your display screen

Whilst separate consumer and guest profiles are high-quality for loaning your Telephone to pals, it’s viable to limit the Functionality of your tool further by way of pinning your screen. Go to Settings > Security and flip display Pinning on to activate This selection. Now you can pin a single app for your display screen via switching to the multi-project view and choosing the inexperienced pin button on the bottom right nook of your chosen app. The required app will live open At the same time as all different Functionality to your Phone may be disabled unless you type on your passcode. This is notable if you wish to lend your Phone to someone who wants to make a short Telephone call or search for something on-line, but you don’t want them nosing through your device.

10. Excessive Evaluation Text

Android Tip #10: Excessive-Comparison Text

Tip #10: Excessive-Assessment Textual content

Some of experimental features have been brought to Lollipop. This type of consists of the creation of Excessive Comparison Textual content. Head to Settings > Accessibility and also you’ll discover it below the Device sub-heading. The effect is really quite diffused, however in case you’re suffering to examine a number of the Text to your Android tool, it can make all the distinction. On the time of writing, it doesn’t look like all the Textual content is affected. But, That is marked as experimental, so diverse inconsistencies need to be anticipated.

11. Color Inversion And Color Correction

Android Tip #11: Coloration inversion

Tip #11: Coloration inversion

if your Shade blind or your vision is impaired then those capabilities should enhance your revel in with Android’s new OS. Visit Settings > Accessibility and scroll to the show sub-heading at the lowest. Turning Shade Inversion on will dramatically exchange the appearance of your tool and can be extra soothing on the attention for a few humans. Choosing To shade Correction will assist you to choose from three extraordinary Shade modes – Deuteranomaly (crimson-inexperienced), Protanomaly (purple-inexperienced), Tritanomaly (blue-yellow) – which can be beneficial to some Color blind customers. As with the Excessive Assessment Text, This is an experimental function and can slow down your Device.

12. New Lock screen Swipe options

The lock display has undergone a few small however attractive adjustments with the advent of Lollipop. You’ll note there are actually 3 icons at the bottom of your display when you awaken your Cellphone. These include a Cellphone, a padlock and a digital camera. Swipe at once upwards and also you’ll unlock your Smartphone Just as you commonly could. But, swipe from left to proper and also you’ll No longer most effective free up your Smartphone, but you’ll be taken in your contacts listing. Swipe from right to left and also you’ll cross straight for your default digicam app. These capabilities are fairly minor and hardly ever floor-breaking, however they’re a nice addition that may absolutely assist to boom ordinary performance.

13. Battery Saver

Android Tip #13: Shop battery

Tip #13: Save battery

The battery display screen will No longer best provide you with the standard on hand breakdown of what’s draining the maximum juice out of your Gadget – whole with a swanky searching graph and an approximation of the way Long you have got left until your Smartphone dies – but it now has a totally powerful battery Store function. You may get there with the aid of swiping downwards from the pinnacle of your screen with two arms and tapping the battery icon before tapping the three dots inside the proper hand nook and choosing Battery Saver. Flip this on and it will try to reduce your tool’s battery Utilization through limiting vibrations and maximum history Information. Additionally, apps that rely on syncing won’t replace until you open them. This selection turns off mechanically when you price your Cellphone.


14. Release Your Phone Together with your Face

This isn’t always a brand new function and frankly, a bit stupid. However, it appears to be extra reliable than in previous variations of Android, it’s plenty of fun and opening something With your face feels very cool and futurey, in an effort to hell with practicality. Visit Device > Settings > Smart Lock and pick Trusted Face. Go through the on display screen commands and before you understand it you’ll be accessing your Telephone Along with your gorgeous seems. Please maintain in mind however that This is a piece of a gimmick. Face matching is less comfortable than a password, pattern or 4 digit Pins and if anyone looks as if you, they are able to doubtlessly free up your Cellphone.

15. Cast Your screen Thru Chromecast

In case, you’ve been using Google’s easy however amazing Chromecast – a small media streaming device that plugs into the HDMI port to your Tv, basically turning it rights into a (slightly) Clever Tv – you then’ll be thrilled to recognise Android has made it even easier to operate. Previously you’d need to download an app in order to Cast your device to your Tv, however this Capability is now constructed into Lollipop. Simply double swipe right down to access your notifications bar and choose the Cast button. Your device will automatically stumble on your Chromecast and you could start casting right away.

Sixteen. Access Alarm Speedy

Android Tip #16: get entry to alarm

Tip #16: get right of entry to alarm

When you’ve set your alarm, you may now get admission to it from the notifications bar. Drag down from the pinnacle of your screen Two times (or use the 2 finger technique) after you’ve set your alarm and you’ll observe a brand new clock icon, for you to display the time at which your alarm is ready to head off. Not the simplest does this suggest you won’t should pass again into your clock app to make certain you put the correct time, but in case you Faucet it, it’s going to take you immediately to the app, in which you can trade any settings as you commonly would.

17. Wake You Cellphone Together with your Voice

Android Tip #18: Wake screens With your voice

Tip #17: Wake your Cellphone Together with your voice

From your private home screen swipe left into Google Now, Faucet the 3 bars in the pinnacle left hand nook and head to Settings > Voice > “Good enough Google” Detection. From right here you can flip voice detection on, in an effort to paintings even if your device is locked and the display is off, allowing you wake your Cellphone or pill by means of easy shouting “Good enough Google”. However, a phrase of caution – in line with Google, When the usage of voice activation instructions or touching a microphone icon, a recording of the following aspect you say, plus a few seconds earlier than, can be used and stored by the hunt giant and related to your Google account to assist realize your voice and enhance speech popularity. If that makes you uncomfortable, you may need to make certain That is grown to become off.

18. Tap and cross

Android Tip #19: Faucet and go

Tip #18: Tap and go

Moving your contacts and information from one Cellphone to some other may be exceptionally tedious, but in case you’ve sold yourself a new Nexus 6 this 12 months, there’s a short and clean answer. On booting up your Smartphone for the primary time, it’s going to ask if you would really like to take advantage of Tap and pass. Faucet sure and maintain your antique Android Smartphone in opposition to the back of your new one. All of your Records may be transferred throughout to your new Cellphone Thru Bluetooth, saving you the problem of doubtlessly manually installing large swathes of apps and typing in lacking contact details.

19. Apps Continue to be After Reboot

Android Tip 20: Apps

Tip 19: Apps after reboot

right here’s any other small characteristic from Lollipop that’s so beneficial, you’ll wonder how you lived without it. By and large, any apps you have got open can be absolutely closed and shut down while you reboot your Telephone, which is especially annoying if you’re running on quite a few different things right away. However, Lollipop now solves this problem with their new Review display screen (this was once referred to as Latest Apps), which keeps all the apps you have been the use of, even after a reboot. You could get admission to the Assessment display screen by using tapping the square button on the lowest right hand nook of your tool.

20. 5.1 Surround Sound

To get the great to be had sound satisfactory from your tool open Google Play Movies & Television, Faucet the 3 bars at the pinnacle left hand aspect of the display screen, pick out Settings and tick Permit Surround Sound. This may now prompt 5.1 Surround sound each time it’s available. If you’re dubious, there’s even a demo you could play to test the nice, that is Just beneath the Surround Sound setting.

21. Cast off download Muddle

Each time you down load an app on Android, it’ll automatically place it on your property display screen. A number of people don’t like this as it is able to cause loads of useless and extremely disorganised Litter. To disable this, open the Play Keep, Tap the 3 bars within the pinnacle left hand nook, pick out settings and uncheck the ‘Upload icon to Domestic display’ putting.

22. Lollipop Easter Egg

Android Tip #23: Lollipop recreation

Tip #22: Lollipop sport

This is completely useless however a variety of fun. Head to Settings > Approximately Telephone and faucet Android Model 4 times in brief succession. You may be supplied with a small colored dot. Tap the dot and it’s going to develop right into a lollipop. Hold tapping and it’s going to trade colorations. In case, you keep your finger down at the lollipop, the whole display will change. Faucet the display once more and also you’ll be capable of play Android’s Version of Flappy Bird, that is Simply as rage-inducing because the original and Simply as useless.

* This newsletter became amended on January 13. A tip Approximately double-tapping the display to wake-up your tool changed into deleted as the function has been removed in a Current update.