4 Video Trends That Will Change The Ecommerce In 2018

You may have noticed the growing popularity of using videos on social media and blog posts. You only have so much time to grab someone’s attention, and not everyone has the time or wants to sit down to read an article, which is why you must use a combination of engaging blog posts, videos, and pictures to keep your reader’s attention. For 2018, though, four video changes are changing eCommerce. What are they?

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1. Livestreaming

This has continued to grow in popularity in pretty much every crowd. Celebrities fire up a live stream to answer fan questions, journalists use live streams to share news as it happens, and you can use the live stream to boost your eCommerce business! You can use it to share a sneak peek of what’s to come, answer customer questions, demonstrate a new product, or even just a quick behind-the-scenes look at the action.

2. Email Marketing

You put a lot of work into gathering email addresses to send your customers and leads email marketing newsletters and information. It’s tough to get an engagement that way, which is why you can use videos to make waves. Keep it under three minutes for best results, and make it interesting! You are saving your customer or potential customer from having to read a text-heavy email, so make sure that your videos are engaging and provide them with fun facts or valuable information.

3. Social Media

You have probably noticed that people include a gif in major social media posts. Not only do they effectively tell a story on their own, but they are more likely to gain engagement and get noticed than a standard wordy post. The same can be said for using photos and videos. Social media has become seriously cluttered, so it’s more difficult than ever to get yourself noticed. This is where videos can help you stand out and get noticed. The best way to gain traction is to create videos that target sub-sections of your general audience. This is a more effective tact.

4. The Art of Storytelling

Tell your audience a story of how your business came to be and how your product came to fruition, or provide tips. Using video to tell a story is a great way to get audience buy-in. We want to touch on one last thing, and it didn’t feel fair to include it as a trend because that’s not what it is. You must ensure all of your videos feature subtitles. Many people keep the sound off on their phones so they can browse at work or on public transport, and the deaf community is also being left out of the conversation. So, ensure you have subtitles. If you want to keep up with the latest eCommerce trends, follow the eShopping Journal. It would help if you kept your finger on the pulse to get ahead.

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