How to Increase Brand Trust

Trust is the single most important thing that helps you beat your competitors and score high in business. Apart from having good products and services, it would help if you had several strategies to increase your brand trust. You’d probably noticed like people are flaunting Gucci or Nike! Why? Because the main thing upon which the owners worked was brand loyalty. The same goes for Apple – once an Apple person, always an Apple person.

How to Increase Brand Trust 1

increasing brand trust and loyalty. Such loyalty leads to customers buying your products without thinking about the quality of products. Following are some of the ways.


As a business, you cannot give up if your sales go down. You still have to find a way to stay alive and be consistent. Therefore, you may participate in sales and festival offers. Come up with new products, new designs, or give out old stock at low products. Also, you can refer to social media consistency about which we will talk about in the next point.

Create social media buzz

Nowadays, if you don’t exist on social media, it means nobody knows you. It has become imperative to be active on social media, post short videos, advertise products, and update them. That is how some companies are even becoming big and increasing their sales.

About 2.62 billion people were using social media in 2018, and it has been projected to increase up to 3.02 billion by 2021. The best social media platform, according to recent research, is Facebook which had 2.2 million active users as of January 2018. It surpasses all other social media platforms.

How to Increase Brand Trust 2

As for B2B effectiveness, Linkedin seems to take first place with 66 percent, and Facebook takes fourth place.

Email is gold

In this social-media-addict world, do not forget the old email. Email is one of the best, fast and cheap ways to advertise your brand. Make sure you do not annoy your customers with too many emails.

Also, you can add images, links, and a small amount of text to make it presentable and colorful to the eyes of the readers. Too many links and images can result in your email reaching the spam box.

business email signature with picture and contact details. The main advantage is that it shows you are original, trustworthy, and no spammer.

Here are some main parts of e-signature that you can include by using the NEWOLDSTAMP tool:

  • HD quality picture of you or your logo,
  • Contact details in brief,
  • Social media icons under the contact details.

How to Increase Brand Trust 3

Talk to your clients.

Whenever you speak with your customers when you receive calls, make sure you use a human voice to reply, friendly and firm. Also, the customer’s wishes should be fulfilled, and their complaints must be resolved.

Create brand website

With the internet crushing numbers worldwide, you must have your own website. Not just any website, it should be:

  • Appealing,
  • Full of good quality pictures,
  • Easy to use, and
  • Easy to order products/services.

One of the best marketing methods is writing a blog or having vlogs on YouTube. You can find and hire special people either online or offline for this job. The blog writer must have a conversational approach, and the article should be short with the required information.

Moreover, people have different devices like PC, smartphones, and tablets; therefore, the website should be optimized to be opened on different devices. Make sure your site looks professional and sophisticated. You may also hire a website developer online.

Feedback should be valued.

Treat your customers like VIPs and take good care of them. Make sure you do not overdo and annoy your customers away. But you must heed to the problems of customers, be available to them when they need, solve their queries, and if you can’t provide a solution, then apologize and state a time when you would get back to them. Value the feedback that your customers give.

Of course, you will not get positive feedback all the time, so the negative comment is one of importance. What is the problem, what is the reason: these are the questions that must be asked and discussed with the manager first.

How to Increase Brand Trust 4

Brand equity is the key.

If you are a startup, then creating brand equity is crucial in the first few years. These are the struggling years when you have to work hard, provide good services, build trust and get positive feedback. You may try to get them to share their experience on review websites.

You can post positive feedback on your website or social media. Once people see positive feedback, people will automatically trust your company, and there goes your sales soaring high up.

Be transparent like clean glass.

Being transparent is a new method used by brands to attract customers. It is a new concept. For example, you see how chefs are cooking in an open area, and it can be seen from the sitting area. Now, you can eat with peace because everything is being cooked in front of your eyes.

If you show what you are doing and how you do it, your customers can get even more reason to trust you over others. By embracing transparency, you reduce the gap between the promise made by the company and delivery. According to Forbes, you may look into crowdsourcing, data security investment, or be a part of a social cause. These can help to turn heads towards your company.

Sponsoring functions

Business is all about money, but you also need to invest cash in various areas to get good returns. One way to advertise to a large number of people is by sponsoring various projects or festival celebrations.

You may have big banners put up, and people will know that you have invested money. They will think that you are already an established company which they didn’t hear about. Before you know, people will be buying stuff from you.

How to Increase Brand Trust 5


There you go, those are some of the ways to increase brand trust. Once brand trust has been established, it will automatically make way for brand loyalty. Sure, it takes time to create the trust, but the other things will follow faster once it is done. Soon, people will be proud to be wearing your brand and will try to get associated with your brand like, “I am a PUMA person.”

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