6 Essential Tips for Cleaning of Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring serves a variety of purposes and is often tedious to clean and maintain. Hardwood floors are prone to scratches and dents, requiring basic care and deeper cleaning. Fortunately, various cleaning products and methods are available to keep up with the different hardwood flooring designs.

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Apparently, the tricks and methods used for cleaning the solid hardwood floor reflect the finish of the hardwood flooring. Floors sealed with polyacrylic are water and stain-resistant and are easier to clean. At the same time, traditional hardwood floors cannot be cleaned with techniques used for cleaning modern hardwood floors. Depending on the nature of hardwood floors, here are some essential tips and tricks for cleaning the hardwood flooring in your living spaces. Read on.

Vacuum the Floors Regularly:

Regular sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming plays their part well in preserving the beauty of the hardwood floors. A good and thorough vacuuming of the hardwood floors protects the finish and preserves the natural appearance of the hardwood floors. With the help of various attachments, vacuums can reach various places that traditional methods cannot and hence are considered to be best for cleaning the hardwood floors. Moreover, while using vacuums, attachments with rotating brushes or beater bars should be avoided as they tend to scratch the solid hardwood flooring.

Use Water-Based, PH-Neutral Cleaners:

Water-based cleaners are easy and safe to use on hardwood floors. Also, the usage of appropriate PH level cleaners affects the cleaning of hardwood floors. Certainly, a high PH cleaner will make the floors dull over time, and a low one will not clean the wood floors effectively. Also, if the hardwood floors are unfinished and less resistant to water, they cannot go well with water-based cleaning products. Therefore, it becomes essential to learn the requirements of the floor before choosing a cleaning product.

Wipe the Spills and Dirt Promptly:

Don’t wait for the spills to rest. Instead, clean and wipe them as soon as you are possible. Spills, when allowed to rest, lead to staining of the hardwood floors. Along with dirt, spills tend to permanently damage the hardwood flooring, costing you millions for their replacement. Hence, it is essential to immediately wipe off the spills and dirt from the hardwood floors.

Removing White Stains with Steel Wool or Sandpaper:

Deep scratches and white stains can be effectively removed with the help of sandpaper or steel wool. These tricks help remove the stains, scratches that are deep-rooted in the hardwood floors and deodorize the mineral spirits.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Methods:

Chemical-based cleaning products tend to degrade the natural look of the hardwood floors and should be avoided. A multi-purpose home cleaning solution is best to clean the floors. You can also steep black tea in hot water for effective cleaning of hardwood floors.

Proper Waxing of Hardwood Floors:

Generally, waxing is done to rejuvenate the lost finish of the floors. But over waxing risks the ability to clean the floor in the future. Before waxing the floor, it is essential to learn about the requirements of the solid hardwood floors and take professional advice thereon.


Hardwood flooring is difficult to clean and maintain. If proper care is not taken, it may land you up spending millions on its replacement and installation. Click here and learn about the basic tips and tricks to clean the hardwood flooring in your living spaces.

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