6 Reasons Why Companies Should Record Their Meetings

Every business should invest in a screen recorder as it will be handy for recording online meetings. Everything in business needs to be kept records, including the meetings that are host online. The recorded meetings can be uploaded to a knowledge base and allow employees to access them when necessary. The following are 6 reasons why a company should record its business meetings.

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Don’t Need to Worry about Note Taking.

If employees know the meeting is recorded, they won’t be worried about not catching up with what is being discussed. They don’t have to keep asking around about what is being covered in the meeting. They will be less distracted in taking down notes on their computer and put more attention towards listening when a subject is being discussed.

New Crew Can Quickly Follow Up on Their Job Duties

The new crew who join the company are not used to the business meeting hosted on video conference software like Skype. They don’t know what they are supposed to do when attending the meeting. With the guidance of a supervisor, the new crew can replay back the recorded meeting and understand what steps he should take for his job. The new crew will be able to do their job properly because they can review the meeting in a recorded video.

No Employee Will Miss a Meeting

Sometimes, an employee will not attend a meeting due to being sick, but this does not mean that he should be left in the dark about being discussed in the meeting. While being sick at home and on leave, he can access the recorded meeting online on his computer and watch the video himself. In this way, he will still be able to contribute ideas to the meeting. It also enabled him to follow up on his job if he needs to be on leave for many days and missed multiple meetings.

Attendees Who Miss Something Can Rewatch the Video

Employees may be blur about what is being discussed the first time they attend the meeting. For example, the speaker speaks too fast, and the attendees can’t hear certain words clearly. During the meeting, someone turns over and talks to him, and he forgot what the speaker is talking about in the meeting. Recording the meeting allows the employee to rewatch the video repeatedly and understand what is being discussed.

Share Training Knowledge with Other Members of the Organization

The topic discussed in the meeting should not just be opened to the attendees. Putting the recorded meeting in the knowledgeable will allow other people in the organization to access it. If anyone has a question, they search the database in the knowledgebase for the video, and they will find the answer.

Improve the Clarity of the Message Discussed in the Meeting

After recording a meeting, you can use the built-in editor to add more information. For example, if you forgot to discuss something, you can use the annotation tool in the built-in editor to add the information. In Movavi Screen Recorder Studio, the annotation tool is located in the callouts tab. Callouts are shapes that you can add to the video, and you can write text in the shapes. To add a callout, drag it to the clip and double-click on it to edit it. The screen recorder Windows 10 also allows you to add subtitles to help beginners to understand what is being discussed in the meeting.  You can also amplify the speakers’ voice in the meeting by going to Clip Properties > Audio > Volume.  You are to drag the volume slider to the right to increase the volume.