Bringing languages to life: teaching tips, tech and ideas

Isabelle Jones, head of languages, The Radclyffe College, Oldham

I have cherished the use of track to carry languages to existence in my language classroom. Music motion pictures are a high-quality manner to introduce students to the lifestyle of French-speakme nations and develop speakme/writing tasks. For this unique assignment, I used French rap and endorsed groups of college students to write down approximately chosen common issues. We used mind maps to discover the hyperlinks among thoughts and the sounds of the key phrases, along with the ‘tion‘ ‘isme‘ phrases.

Students used on-line rhyming dictionaries and wrote their wrap around the main rhymes with the aid of a dictionary and a valid record with a beat. The textual content became then uploaded to a textual content-to-speech software http://text-to-speech.Imtranslator.internet/ to allow students to guidance their pronunciation independently.

A few college students needed extra assist and that I recorded myself saying their text the use of Audacity for them to training listening, studying and announcing the textual content on their own. They may then strive to mention the text, record themselves and decide in the event that they have been equipped to perform it. The overall performance was recorded into a PowerPoint presentation with pics and the phrases in French and English. It turned into shared with the staff and other instructions and it’s miles still used in College to sell languages.


Cherry Bailey, head of present day languages, The Mount School, York

it’s far not possible to expect what languages students will need in the destiny, we are able to handiest be positive that they may need language abilities so on the Mount we have delivered a language attention path in yr 9. All pupils study both French and German from yr 7 and additionally Latin from year eight and the direction pursuits to help them build on this, to benefit an extra understanding of ways language works and of the connections between distinctive languages. We take a look at body language and gesture (inclusive of how this varies across cultures),

How infants learn to talk, language patterns, language own family trees and use the expertise won to decode unknown however associated languages to the ones studied in Faculty, which include Dutch, Swedish, Italian and Spanish. We also bear in mind accent and dialect and the way these have come approximately. Pupils have taster training in Russian and Chinese language and find out a piece approximately how a range of non-European languages work. On the stop of the 12 months pupils have not bested a greater understanding of the languages they’re already reading, however must sense greater assured approximately tackling other languages within the future, need to they need or need to.



Gemma Fordyce, director of modern languages, King John Faculty, Benfleet, Essex
As a big, successful MFL branch, which has seen huge increase inside the past couple of years, we are constantly striving to update our coaching to maintain tempo with the pursuits and skills required by using our college students. We have attempted out a couple of the latest thoughts during the last 12 months that have been in particular a success together with Litera-creativity. This is wherein older pupils make ebooks for younger novices, Some the usage of current applications like in which college students create an image tale and then upload the phrases. Different college students had been growing their inventive abilties and in reality portray or drawing a story which can be scanned and uploaded to some other free web page including developing an e-book which can be shared with younger newbies inside the School and community.

Instructor community

Be a part of the Parent instructor community Join the Guardian trainer network Be part of the Dad or mum instructor community for lesson resources, comment and process opportunities, direct in your inbox. some other concept we’ve got used is Practi-creativity. Doing the Overseas Language Leader award in the summer encouraged agencies of older pupils to take younger college students and touring number one faculties out of the MFL study room. Some went into the meals rooms, other onto the soccer pitch to research soccer abilties through Spanish.

With Digi-creativity students had been inspired to make short and easy films, writing the script one lesson, filming and editing them the next on diverse subjects. For example, the film Our School become sent to accomplice schools and Occurring a Date, starring Barbie and Ken, bolstered modal verbs while Reasons to study MFL by key stage four instructions was used as promotional material for key stage 3.

Sooner or later with antique School-creativity we get lower back to the use of props! We like our prop packing containers. Old hats, wigs, comedy glasses, anything which inspires the scholars to forget their inhibitions, and communicate French or Spanish with confidence. Why 15 year-antique boys always snatch the Cinderella get dressed stays a mystery.

Joe Dale, independent language representative

On 20 October this 12 months I gave a talk on the Language Display Live on the use of iPads to beautify language studying in which I stated the use of QR codes and the free app and internet site Display Me to assist students revise a grammar factor remotely.

A week before the occasion, I found thru Twitter a friend of mine and language university co-ordinator Alex Blagona at Northgate High Faculty in Ipswich was the usage of QR codes in the exercising books of his students to link to a YouTube clip from Warlingham MFL dept on forming the precise annoying in French. The scholars had already created their own personalized grammar clarification highlighted in distinctive coloured inks. And by means of including a digital and animated model They may access, by way of scanning the QR code, facilitated impartial learning too.

Taking this concept to any other level, I recommended that he could create screencasts of similar grammar points the use of the unfastened app Show Me at the iPad, publish the clip on the host website after which create a QR code linking to it which he could stick in his college students exercising books, as before. Within mins he had produced this video revising Ce, Cet, Cette and Ces in French and become suitably wowed with the future opportunities.

Alison Neasom, senior lead practitioner for network and humanities, Wildern School, Hampshire
The development of the latest technologies has enabled Wildern Faculty to deliver our international trade programme to digital life! Conferences are held 3 times a yr for venture constructing and performances within the real world and are more suitable by e mail and Facebook touch among contributors in Madrid, Dresden and Southampton. These expand teamwork and permit thoughts and ideas to be aired and shared.

Over the following years, participating colleges may be creating a musical primarily based on the Article 12 of the Unicef Rights of the child. This musical is to be completed Stay in all three nations, then posted simply. Initial art classes with an artist in Nova Scotia had been held through Skype, video diaries were created, songs had been recorded. We can be trialling Google + as this offers the choice for multi-screening allowing all colleges to learn choreography and songs simultaneously. During the last few years’ consciousness of the capability of recent technologies has been realised and familiarity elevated.