Current State of the Travel Industry in Singapore

Price competition is inevitable and flawlessly every day in any enterprise. It isn’t unexpected that the price competition is extremely extreme within the nearby journey enterprise, wherein there are more than 500 travel sellers (including excursion operators). The quantity has remained solid over the last few years—at the same time as tour sellers are exiting the enterprise, new players are also coming in at the same time. This suggests the availability of possibilities in the travel enterprise.

Standing out amongst your competition isn’t easy, but it’s not that hard. What is wanted is a method and patience to peer through the changes you want. I believe awareness should now not be at my rate (the reason for the price opposition) and should impart good customer support. I am not advocating free and top carriers, even though it might be appropriate if the business can find the money. Exact services do come at a certain price. The free provider does now not equate to the desired provider. And right here is my definition of accurate customer support:

Travel agents who’ve been in commercial enterprise for a while must have collected many clients’ information from their employer databases. Most of them could have used the database to retrieve customers’ records while these customers went back to purchase greater items and offerings. Unknown to those agencies, the actual cost of this database is sincerely measured by what the agency ought to do with it to income the business. Instead, they used purchaser statistics to complete registration and satisfy administrative needs; however, they overlooked the opportunity to tell their present clients about modern promotions supplied regularly.

Travel sellers need to recognize that previous clients are less likely to purchase from an agent with whom they’ve purchased offerings before. Hence, getting more business by growing customer loyalty is a less expensive and more powerful way than a fashionable advertisement in papers and magazines. Also, keep in mind that current satisfied customers are properly referrals and assist in ushering in extra income.

A fair range of small tour organizations in Singapore are run by only one salesperson: the boss. While this could be a normal way for those companies to start, many of them have reached a factor where their organization’s boom is hindered by the fact that income may depend on the proprietor. In a situation like this, when making purchases, clients recognize only the shop clerk or the owner and no longer the agency or emblem it sells. As a result, the proprietor can’t promote the enterprise to any other celebration. Sales virtually can not be efficaciously transferred to the brand-new proprietor without also buying over the offerings of the prevailing owner.

Similarly, proprietors of tour businesses that rely totally on the competence of an unmarried salesman to maintain the enterprise run into the identical danger of being held ransom using the salesperson. The salesperson can carry all the corporation’s clients if he leaves the agency. To cope with this task, the enterprise has to seriously think about accumulating the employer’s emblem so that the employer can grow to be an independent entity and its sales will not be effortlessly taken away by way of all people.


In my analysis of the neighborhood tour enterprise, I observed that personnel profits decreased notably in 2003 and gradually began to climb. What passed off became income, which has increased correspondingly with income growth. However, there was no indication that the businesses are using these staff more efficiently by increasing their productivity.

By that, I do not imply longer hours for the group of workers; however, as an alternative, I will produce more paintings in a shorter time frame. Without this, the group of workers’ salary will maintain growth. In time to come, labor costs could become unsustainable and might cause the commercial enterprise to go into the purple. This can also manifest in conditions where sales are nevertheless developing. It isn’t abnormal for journey businesses to fold up their groups, although the income is excellent.

To prevent that, enterprise proprietors ought to ensure that as the workforce’s earnings increase, the productivity of the group of workers also increases correspondingly. This ensures that staff add more fees to the commercial enterprise while their salaries boom.


I wish to emphasize that the Internet is a tool most travel dealers have overlooked. Interestingly, the SynergyWorks website that publishes the names of collaborating tour marketers of the NATAS benchmarking study has attracted many surfers by hook or crook while attempting to find the websites of these journey marketers. One reason is that these travel sellers do not now have an internet site in their personal. If SynergyWorks had become their competition, we might have tried to convert these potential clients into ours. As increasingly more users become Internet savvy, agencies with top websites (which can be found using the Quest engine) will have the upper hand in growing their market shares.

I found that many agents do not have a great gadget they might rely upon to monitor their groups. Some of them could not even see the cost of a great machine. (Note: A suitable gadget does not equate to a high-priced machine). As such, they are now incapable of examining their overall performance on an everyday basis. They depend upon their intestine experience, which won’t provide them with dependable records about their agencies. This also means that they may not understand precisely where their sales are coming from and may be unable to consolidate their companies and expand on their key strengths.

Neither might you be capable of getting repeated business out of your current customers. Evaluating your groups primarily based on sentiments is incorrect—it is relative and cannot be quantified. For instance, sales in November were superb; however, income became very bad in December. Based on gut experience, a travel agent would conclude that his commercial enterprise isn’t always too profitable. However, the fact is that the high sales in November have, without a doubt, more than compensated for the bad income in December.

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