Using technology to make your business more efficient: top tips

The range of apps, merchandise, and advertisements are thrown at us about generation may be daunting. Have you been the use the cloud? Could you figure better with a virtual whiteboard? Do companies gain greater prestige (and coins) if they buy their personnel iPads? Organizations are regularly inundated with generation “solutions” – some fear that these answers may be pricey to shop for and time-eating to teach in and roll out. So we collectively accumulated a panel of professionals to reply to all of your questions during a stay Q&A.

Fee of technology

How can my business come up with the money for this luxurious technology?” asked one worried CEO in the course of the Q&A. Tim Stone, vice-president of advertising for EMEA at Polycom, said: “It desirable news for small businesses due to the fact all the formerly steeply-priced technology like video conferencing are now very a lot less expensive. For instance, you may now run excessive definition video conferencing on cellular, tablet, Laptop, or Mac as opposed to having to use a committed hardware tool, plus you could use cloud added video platforms to connect plenty of gadgets collectively on an inline with-user, in line with-month foundation instead of having to make investments and installation these systems yourself.

Benjamin Dyer, founding father of the Powered Now app, said not having a good deal of money can truely be a “huge tactical gain as it drives awareness.” The panel mentioned that technology, which includes Google Medical doctors and applications like Skype, are loose to run and set up and don’t need massive operating structures: you may get admission to those out of your phone and still get a substantial quantity of garbage.

Using technology to make your business more efficient: top tips 1

Matt Hunt, one of the founders of Apadmi, advocated Evernote for running collaboratively: “I really used Evernote without cost for approximately 3 months earlier than I upgraded to the paid model, and nonetheless best pay £4 a month. Another panelist, Michael Richards, chairman of Webexpenses, said free trials might be a wonderful way to get going on new apps and programs. “But you need to provide the proper time. Don’t simply load them up and dabble, or it will likely be a waste of time.

Team of workers schooling

Richards commented that most apps comply with a comparable structure, so when you’ve discovered a way to use one, it’s smooth to learn the others. Mark Williamson from KPMG agreed: “Newer business technology have much extra purchaser experience, making them extra intuitive. Phil Robinson from Iris Software program rolled out an internet training platform for both customers and Workforce called open learning. “It allows people to research in Chunk-sized chunks and even take tests and benefit certificates. Our customers like it so I’d sincerely advocate the use of a web training machine.



Hobnobbing with ability clients and competition is important if you’re an enterprise proprietor. But sometimes, flying to a conference center in Las Vegas is just too costly. The panel turned into requested how we can use technology to help with networking. Too frequently, accountants are unnoticed as human beings intrinsic to the networking manner, said Robinson. “Small organizations like to network, and regularly their accountant can act as a key hub for networking and information sharing. We’ve covered an accountant directory on KashFlow to allow small groups to discover an accountant of their place or with specific information in their industry. They regularly approach that the accountant has many other clients in that equal enterprise, starting up a networking opportunity.

Stone said technology Has to be used by agencies to proportion knowledge. “One concept is the use of webinars and video meetings over the internet, the use of a browser. Being in advertising, we do this all the time to develop our network and client possibilities. We ran an academic webinar last month that attracted 800 registrations on a thrilling industry subject matter.

One product that would boom at-work efficiency?

In case you’ve only got a small budget, what’s the nice gadget to invest in?

Richards stated that although technology can be beneficial, just a whiteboard and a strong concept may be sufficient from time to time. “It very tons depends on the scenario. I’d recommend laborious all non-generation avenues first – maybe it’s a whiteboard! It’s critical to know not to make the mistake of wondering that era will clear up the difficulty of negative enterprise practices. Get them as slick as you may then examine automating them.”

Others at the panel encouraged “bring your own tool” (BYOD). They stated they regularly paintings first-rate because humans are comfy the usage of what’s familiar to them. Stone makes use of this method: “The fashion in agencies these days is to have a BYOD coverage and let the employee selected the device that they sense maximum relaxed with. Most people convey more than one gadget today; I have an Android smartphone, an iPad, and a computer. I use each depending on where I am and what I’m doing. Equally important is to make certain that the applications you want to run will work throughout more than one structure.

A few human beings have ditched their computer systems all collectively. Benjamin Dyer says: “For human beings on the street, I believe, as do lots of our clients, that a 3G-related iPad is the best invention due to the fact sliced bread. It’s now not for all people, But it’s fascinating talking to our customers who have ditched the computing device Pc and pc in favor of portability. There is an app for the entirety now; some are utter world elegance.” As with any Q&As, an actual blend of thoughts and ideas emerged. However, the most important theme changed into that technology is not too expensive for small agencies, networking the usage of technology is critical. Also, you Must work on something device you locate most fun.