Fun Sports Games for Kid

Fun sports games preserve your kid physically active in addition to entertained. While many sports activities games together with baseball, soccer and golf can head at high degrees of opposition, many a laugh sports activities video games emphasize fun and socializing over prevailing.

Fun Sports Games for Kid 1

Here are great fun games for you to try with your kid.

Sudoku for Kid:

Sudoku for Kid

Sudoku is a popular game that involves arranging the digits one to nine in a 9×9 grid so that each column and row contains the numbers 1 to 9 only once. Although this game is also popular with adults, you can, however, find a very easy version of this game to help your child learn logic skills. Although it does not need some calculations, Sudoku is a great game to develop your child’s love for numbers. You can also include some great illustrations to help your child enjoy the game more.

Dice games:

Dice games

Dice games are indeed great math games for children. For younger kids, dice games help them learn to count, and for older kids, dice games help a lot in building their skill in quick addition. Aside from being educational, they are also cheap and portable games that you can bring during family vacations and a great game to share with children of all ages as well as adults too,

Backyard Sports:

Backyard Sports

If you feel your child is playing too many games, what better way to get them interested in sports than with the Backyard Sports series of games, which take real pro athletes, shrink them down, and plop cute, super-deformed heads on their comparatively puny shoulders. These sports simulations offer easy to learn play mechanics, introducing the rules and methods of play of the different games in an easily digestible format to a potential legion of future fans and players.

Wii Play for Kid:

Wii Play for Kid

Like Backyard Sports, Wii Play, as well as Wii Sports, are an excellent way to get children physically active, forcing them up off the couch and into the game. By requiring sweeping motions of Wii-mote, players often have a blast and find themselves exhausted afterward. Wii Play is a great combination of game and exercise, that feels ultimately fulfilling and rewarding in a way that few other games can.

Little Big Planet:

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One of the more charming and creative games to come along in some time, and ideally suited for younger gamers. Players must develop their character and use its skills to interact with the landscape in many different ways, overcoming obstacles and puzzles along the way. A great online component means players can journey to other player’s planets as well, and have them visit their world.

Guitar Hero:

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Great fun for gamers of all ages, requiring blistering reflexes and a refined sense of rhythm, while also introducing players to classic songs of the past and present. Guitar Hero has inspired more people than ever to pick up a guitar and embrace music and the power it holds than ever before.

Hasbro Family Games Night:

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A collection of some of the greatest Hasbro board games is a great way to bring the family together for a night of fun, and this is exactly what Family Games Night does. Featuring Connect4, Sorry!, Boggle, Yahtzee, and Battleship, any night spent with this game promises to be a night of fun.

Animal Crossing:

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Animal Crossing is a brilliant virtual life simulator in which players can build up and decorate their houses, meet and befriend the local citizens, and perform a wide variety of unique side games. The graphics and setting are relaxing and ambient, making this a great game for children, and players of all ages.




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Pokemon is all about battling, which may concern parents at first glance, but is done so in a very light-hearted and even comedic style. The fantasy settings are all colorful and cheerful, and the stories are simple, enjoyable fare. Children have loved the Pokemon franchise for many years, and many have even stuck with it as they’ve grown up, still as entranced by the gameplay and cute Pokemon as ever.


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Zelda provides a great mix of action and puzzle, wrapped around stories of heroism and sacrifice. The games stimulate players, testing both their reflexes and their brains to solve long, twisting dungeons, forcing them to utilize their tools effectively. Inspiring music and beautiful graphics round out the package in this world-famous series.


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Gaming’s icon, Mario has always delivered some of the best gameplay available for its time, featuring secrets, action, and fun. The series hasn’t missed a beat in its transition to 3-D, nor have the older games lost any of their appeals, as evidenced by the sales of the re-released remakes on Nintendo’s handheld gaming systems, and in the Wii Store.

Harry Potter:

Fun Sports Games for Kid 2

Being based on the world’s best-selling series of all-time, and one aimed at children (at least to start with), Harry Potter is naturally suited for younger gamers and all fans of the series. The games put the player in the shoes of any of the main heroes of the tale, Ron, Hermione, or Harry himself, and often involve delving into the detailed mythos of the world, solving puzzles, and battling enemies.

Egg and Spoon Race:

Fun Sports Games for Kid 3

The egg and spoon race is always fun, and it is also easy to set up. All you need is several household spoons, some hard boiled eggs, and open space to play it in. The kids have to run down a track, or through a simple obstacle course while balancing the egg on the spoon. The winner is the person who gets through the process with the egg still on the spoon. To make it more exciting and enticing for kids you can include a small prize for the winner, such as a medal or a treat.

Sack Race:

Fun Sports Games for Kid 4

The sack race is a childhood favorite for many people. It involves standing in an old bag and hopping your way down a track to the finish line. This provides some great exercise for your children, as jumping off the course will take a lot of energy! You can buy sacks specially designed for this race online. Alternatively, you can ask your local supermarket or grocery store if they have any old large potato sacks that they need to get rid of.

Two-legged Race:

Fun Sports Games for Kid 5

The two-legged race involves tying the ankles of two children together so that they have to collaborate to run to the end of the track. It provides an excellent way to teach your child about the importance of teamwork. Always use something slightly stretchy to tie the ankles for safety purposes.


Football Toss:

Fun Sports Games for Kid 6

This game will enhance your child’s accuracy with a football. Clutch an old tire and hang it from a tree using a chunk of rope. You can also construct a wooden frame to aid the tire if you do now not have a tree to apply. From right here, draw a line on the ground to indicate wherein the children will throw from. Supply each toddler three attempts to get the ball via the hollow. If a toddler throws it via the tire out of 3 times or extra, provide him a prize.

Inline Skating:

Fun Sports Games for Kid 7

Inline skating is one of the most popular activities for kids today. But before you gasp in horror at the thought of your child falling onto hard concrete, you should know that there are safety measures you can take to keep your baby safe while he goes zipping around on skates.

Kids who have well-developed motor skills can start inline skating at as young as 4 or 5 years. If your child seems interested in inline skating, you should first take him for a lesson with a professional. Of course, make sure your child is wearing all the proper gear when he goes to his first lesson. These include a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist guards. His skates should also have brakes.

Paper Race:

Fun Sports Games for Kid 8

Give each child an ordinary piece of paper. The teacher shows the children how to run with the paper, first by holding it on her chest, then, after picking up speed, letting go, so the air pressure holds it in place. It is relatively easy to keep it in place running in a straight line. The challenge is to headed in circles.

Fox and Geese:

Fox and geese are a game for your kid that can be played virtually anywhere with a large open area. Just put some spray paint on the grass, and your game is ready to play! Get a bunch of kids together to play this great party game.