Ginger steepers and coconut water: hangover tips from the fashion industry

The greatest hangover remedy ever, My Amend, was given to me by a pal the morning I was married. A piping warm double coffee with a spoonful of honey melted into it – under the influence of alcohol down in a single pass.

My morning-after beauty secret is the Skyn Iceland Sparkling Begin Mask. You have to attempt it—it makes you look like you have been on an excursion every week and slept for sixteen hours. I’m not joking.

Daniel Marks, director & partner, The Communications Shop

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My hangover remedy is pretty self-flagellatory, but hiya, I’m catholic! First, I have a pot of sweet tea and a giant espresso. Then I down a tonne of coconut juice, which isn’t diverse enough to downwee. Then I do the unthinkable and go for a longer term, wrapped up tight to ensure maximum sweating. At this factor, I haven’t eaten whatever,, so once again, I fry three eggs (protein!), have them on buttered toast (fat!), with greater tea and a pint of water to replace all the sweat. Sure, I’m Carrie’s mom, Vinzite.

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Morwenna Ferrier, acting online style editor, The Guardian

Sparkling ginger root.
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I’m positive a ginger steeper is supposed to be cleaning and antibacterial or anything, but it particularly allows you to forestall feeling wretched. Chop big chunks of root ginger into a mug, pour over boiling water, and cover with a saucer to steep for 5 minutes. A fashion-connected health practitioner lately advised me to use honey, apparently the therapy for all hangovers. I don’t have any idea why.

Charlie Porter, men’s style critic of the Monetary Times

Put together for the worst: ensure you have always got Tylenol, coconut water, and antacids handy. Nothing is worse than having to depart your condo in this condition. You’ll thank yourself later. The bloodless gel-stuffed face mask you keep on your refrigerator is also available in handy. Someone advised me if you keep it at the lower back of your head where your head meets your neck, it allows nausea. In case you surely should see human beings wearing a red blouse – everyone looks a bit more alive and healthy in a pink blouse.


Michael Bastian, fashion designer

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Pre-empting the sore head, I take two Nurofen before bed. In the morning, I have a coffee shop with coconut oil, butter, and cinnamon, followed by a Berocca with coconut water and a peanut butter muffin.


Reece Crisp, menswear purchaser, Harvey Nichols

When you have to enter paintings, dress up and make yourself feel clever to help you get through the day. Red lipstick makes you feel extra prepared and helps raise a pale complexion. Statement jewelry attracts attention far from your face. Drink coconut water in abundance or a bloody Mary. The Kobito Love Hangover Kits are also terrific. Masses of carbs will keep you going during the day, as will ibuprofen every four hours. Or try a Disney movie and a few.


That was my busiest time with paintings, but you could no longer attend all the events! Thankfully, I stay opposite Ace Resort London Shoreditch, so I fall into their Bulldog Edition cafe most mornings to devour a leek and cheese toastie and a double coffee. I often sit outdoors, so I can take a few deep breaths until I feel near human again.

Mandi Lennard, fashion PR, Mandi’s Basement

There may be no remedy for a hangover except not getting too inebriated, and that’s no fun. So drink plenty of water and Clean juice when you stand up, and then have a bloody strong negroni just before lunch while the worst of it is about to kick in. Cures Nothing, however, masks plenty.

Patrick Furnish, fashion designer, and The Superb British Stitching Bee presenter

I always start the day (afternoon) with at least four beverages: orange juice, sparkling water, tea, and a food plan coke—unexpectedly. I take two painkillers and avoid eggs like the plague. Also, if I’m being organized, I consume a ‘cautionary’ banana earlier than I go out (I suppose that may be a city fable?). Also, Pink lipstick.