Lifestyle design is a concept that throws away the old theories on what you need to do in life. It’s about doing what you want to do. Going where you need to move. Waking up with a smile in the morning, even supposing it’s at 10:30 am. I am not a slave to the Way (optimistically), but I am awaiting the following soul-sucking promotion up the corporate ladder. Putting a cease to the times of vague stares out the workplace window, counting the hours on your annual two weeks of freedom and vacation in Paris.

Why spend your entire Lifestyle chasing a dream you could never gain and may outline precisely? Why defer happiness to a time While your Lifestyle may additionally dictate you may enjoy it? In his book, The Four Hour Workweek, Tim Ferriss discusses joining the newly wealthy individuals who abandon their deferred lifestyles and plan to create luxurious Lifestyles and stay in the gift. It’s all approximately questioning the popularity quo.


Lifestyle design is about examining your Lifestyle and your desires. About wondering out of doors the field to make your life goals occur now instead of later. Approximately, Placing a quit to the reasons and restricted wondering that’s reputedly hardstressed out into us, causing us to become company drones.

The most crucial element is that it has to suit your existence. While many proponents of Way of Life travel to far-off international locations to experience new matters, your Lifestyle design can contain sound asleep in and homeschool your children in your pajamas. It’s about contacting yourself and locating ways to build your portable profits, whether that’s a web business or something else.


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The decision to change your Lifestyle and career does not come easy. Lifestyle change can be difficult because it is often preceded by an extreme event that forces you to decide to make a significant change in your life. Maybe you have been making great money, but a stress-induced heart attack at the age of 38 makes you reevaluate what is important in your life and start thinking about how you would go about creating an ideal lifestyle for yourself. Maybe a company’s downsizing in this tough economy has left you jobless and with hundreds of thousands of other qualified professionals in the job market. Maybe your job isn’t offering you the satisfaction you had hoped for, and you feel like your life. Your job has become a series of repetitive, automated, mechanical movements that you perform without even thinking about, like when you drive somewhere and forget exactly how you got there.

On the other hand, the same hardship or self-analysis that leads you to acknowledge that you are not satisfied with the life you are living and that there has to be a better way to live your life can be the fuel that you need to start taking proactive steps to design your ideal Lifestyle. How much fuel these things generate will determine how smooth your journey will be. People take proactive measures to create their Lifestyle, say enough with the day-to-day monotony and procrastination. First, you must identify what is important before designing your ideal Lifestyle. That question can be most easily answered by asking yourself: If you had all the money you needed and never had to work another day, what would you do? Life passes, people pass, and the young adults we are today become old adults full of regret for all things in life that they have not done.

The decision to design images of your Lifestyle should be a conscious exercise of self-reflection, goal setting, and implementation of defined strategies to achieve your lifestyle transformation, things that most people never actually take the time to do the daily grind and routine and lack of time are the primary reasons why this is not done. People get set in their ways and a comfort zone (albeit uncomfortable) and do not want to make an effort to change or are too scared to change. Anthony Robbins suggests two primary motivations that drive people to make their decisions are avoiding pain and gaining pleasure. Most people continue to live their lives because they associate more pain (effort) with the process change would require than with the pleasure they would gain having completed the lifestyle change.

The term “lifestyle design” might sound like spiritual new-age mumbo-jumbo. But for me, it’s a straightforward concept: The understanding that a person can design their Lifestyle to become happier. The hype around this term started with Tim Ferriss’s inspirational book, Four Hour Work Week, which focused on a location-independent lifestyle.

However, lifestyle-free graphic design is relevant to each of us and does not necessarily relate to nomadic living. Here are some essential elements that will make the concept of lifestyle design easier:

The “Normal” or “Template” Lifestyle

95 task. Family, children, and spouse. Home. Although we run a nomadic blog, we do not look down on theaverage Lifestyle.” Because it’s so common, we agree that for some, the peace and happiness it brings make it the first-class Lifestyle available. However, a different existence is more suitable for many of us and might deliver greater satisfaction than the same old Way of life.

Options to the “OrdinaryLifestyle

There are numerous alternatives to select from, as many “root existence” definitions exist in one phrase. Many of the commonplace Alternatives for a Lifestyle are Religious (any faith you choose), Rural (living in nature and specializing in agriculture), Entrepreneur, Nomadic Lifestyle, and more. On occasion, you can integrate these root lives collectively; for example, I outline myself as a nomad entrepreneur. If you are creative and brave enough, you can create a unique lifestyle customized to your best.

The Range of the Root Lifestyle

Now that we’ve described our supply Lifestyle, let’s go deeper and notice what kind of layers in our Way of life we can design. Do you volunteer or ski? Are you unorthodox or orthodox, mainstream or counterculture, and so forth? As you can see, the range is endless. You may have a Lifestyle that’s regular, nomadic, or Nonsecular, but within the limitations, home design your Way of life in step with your alternatives and precise self.

Active/Passive Attitude

As you can see by now, each of us has a manner of existence even though we didn’t choose one. Alas, lots of us have our lives designed for us. The design was made through activities that took place alongside the manner. Did you play a conscious element in defining your Lifestyle, or has it resulted from going with the drift? Lifestyle design requires you to assume and actively pursue the Lifestyle of your preference.

Constraints and Attachments

These are the situations that permit or limit us from developing our lives. Youngsters, Circle of relatives, health, money, pets, property, careers, addictions, weaknesses. All this stuff creates constraints, and the freer you’re from these, the more quickly and flexibly you can design your lifestyles. It’s vital to mention that attachments can also be happiness assets. However, if your popular add-ons do not make you happy and hold you back from a trade, it is probably time to see how you may get “unstuck.” Ironically, a few life choices result inconstructed in” attachments, decreasing the range of freedom you have to design your lifestyles in the future. That’s why we adore the nomadic Way of life/vicinity of unfastened Lifestyle so much since it permits us to alternate our destiny as soon as we determine it’s time to exchange something new.

So, how can we start designing our Lifestyle?


If you’re glad about your current situation, take some time to invite yourself. Are you in the existence you wanted? It goes without announcing that you can’t design your existence until you recognize precisely what you need. Still, many of us have not taken the time to consider what makes us satisfied. What do you need to be?

Making Plans

Once you realize what you want, it’s time to plot the steps so that they will get you there. Some measures will likely require new skills and arrangements and take a danger. But between you and me, Not taking the chance might be the biggest risk you could take.


Make it manifest.

In conclusion, lifestyle design might substantially benefit anybody if we make an effort to examine our lives squarely in the eye and execute a plan toward happiness.