Making a play for sports journalism: tips and insights

Many careers are formed by way of an individual or a mentor, and my sports activities journalism profession become no exceptional. I grew up looking Grandstand at the BBC and notion Des Lynam became superb. I was also stimulated with the aid of Helen Rollason, especially due to the fact lady sports activities journalists and presenters have been this sort of rarity again then.

I was lucky enough to meet Giles Squire, who become the top of Metro FM, a radio station in Newcastle, whilst I was 19. He turned into very supportive and stated: “Whilst you come to college, come and spot me and we’re going to investigate education you as much as study the information.” I waited about three days earlier than ringing him and, real to his word, I was being paid to study the news by means of the stop of the term. By the point I graduated, I had my own show.

Existence as a sports activities journalist
There may be no normal ordinary. Saturdays are usually the most constant day, as I host Final Rating, rugby or athletics depending at the time of 12 months. Which means Fridays are typically travel or education days and Sundays, if I am overseas, are coming home days. As for Monday to Thursday, they can be one of a kind every week. I’d host a leisure display, head into board conferences for the organization I am a non-government director for, or go to Leeds Trinity university, wherein I was currently made chancellor. No two weeks are ever the identical and, with kids, I have to be very organised.


Broadcasting covers a huge range of career options, but personally, I really like running “stay”. The satisfactory component approximately recreation is that There is no script and When you take a seat down to work, the show evolves around the motion and drama that unfolds. There may be simplest a lot research you could do at the gamers or the history of a fixture. You never really recognize what you are going to come to be talking approximately because every sport is one-of-a-kind.

Career alternatives in sports journalism
Broadcasting isn’t always the handiest factor of sport journalism to don’t forget. There are masses of other regions which might be simply as fun and interesting, from print-press and virtual news to social media and blogging. There’s nonetheless lots of urge for food for statement however, as attention spans are a good deal shorter today, human beings want bite-sized clips and news right away at their fingertips.

I am a big fan of social media and an avid person of Twitter – it is end up very essential in sports journalism. For me, but, one hundred forty characters can by no means update an in-intensity interview in a newspaper.



Top hints for breaking into sports journalism
• Have an ardour in your subject. You simply won’t make it in case you do not love game.

• Write match reports for a laugh and preparation writing. Writing will in no way be a wasted talent, regardless of how a good deal era takes over. Examine articles and reports through your favorite sports writers to learn about special sorts of writing – ask yourself what sets them apart.

• Practice for paintings revel in. Do placements on neighborhood papers, radio stations and any other media stores you can consider.

• look into college publications that specialise in journalism. Many universities provide properly-reputable, specialist publications in a ramification of journalism areas.

• Interview sports people. It does not must be David Beckham: reflect onconsideration on your neighborhood championship rugby group, non-league soccer crew or gymnastics squad. Get used to speakme to sports activities humans – they are your bread and butter so you need to know the way to communicate with and demystify them.

• Speak to as many sports newshounds as you can. Find out the course they took. You may frequently discover that There is no set path and every journalist could have special career reviews that you can analyze from.