Not tennis too! Are there any ‘clean’ sports left?

This week, tennis joined the roster of essential sports activities that were being performed under the shadow of corruption allegations. So, where must the ethical sports lover flip? Are there any “smooth” sports activities left? Allow’s attempt to discover one …


It’s difficult to agree with, but curling is a game awash with cheating allegations. Gamers have sometimes been upbraided for giving a stone a nudge with their foot, but the real issue is “dumping” – brushing the ice in front of a stone so that you throw up debris and reason it to gradually down.


Sincere golfer Bobby Jones.
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Sincere golfer Bobby Jones. Picture: Primary Press/Getty Snapshots
When asked why he had declared a penalty on himself within the 1925 US Open for a tiny infringement nobody else had seen, Yankee golfer Bobby Jones said: “You may as properly reward me for not robbing a bank.” However, it seems robbers do now roam the veggies. In 2011, a survey of 50 PGA tour caddies discovered half had witnessed times of dishonesty, including transferring the ball toward the hollow after marking a putt.


Like all one-on-one sports, this is fairly smooth to repair. All it takes is one participant to be in shock to gamblers, and the latter could make a killing. In 2013, for example, former Pinnacle ten player Stephen Lee was banned for 12 years for match-fixing Living Tired.


Boris Onischenko (right) has his épée checked with the aid of a legit.
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Boris Onischenko (proper) has his épée checked to employ a legit. Picture: DPA
Nevertheless, looking to stay down from the infamous Onishchenko affair at the 1976 Olympics. In the fencing stage of the contemporary pentathlon, the Ukrainian-born Boris Onishchenko, competing for the Soviet Union, rigged his épée to sign a hit on his opponent with no touch having been made. He became rumbled, thrown out of the Video games, sacked from the Pink Military, and changed into last heard of driving a taxi in Kyiv.


Even garden bowls have been besmirched using allegations of fit-fixing. In 2009, a New Zealand crew was accused of throwing a match toward Thailand to get an extra favorable draw inside the region finals. The Players denied the allegations but had been disciplined by Bowls New Zealand.



Neglect the game, then. How approximately Video games? Nevertheless, no luck, as it seems. Bridge International is in uproar after a chain of allegations of dishonesty made against several of the top pairs in the world. The accusations, which concern the usage of coded alerts to transmit the nature of your hand to your accomplice, are Nevertheless beneath investigation. However, one main pair has owned up to an unspecified “moral violation.”


A chess app is now more potent than any human, and cheating has been done several times in tournaments. The most critical concerned French grandmaster Sebastien Feller, who in 2010 was observed to have cheated within the Chess Olympiad via accomplices to feed him pc-generated movements. He was banned for three years but has returned to competitive chess, to the dismay of some of his competitors. Locating what is “clean-ish not possible in reality. All and sundry for Monopoly – however, do you mind if I’m a banker?