Medical Waste Disposal Companies: Checklist to get the best deal

It would be best to consider several aspects when World Scoop chooses medical waste disposal to eliminate your biomedical waste. Whichever sort of medical or dental profession you practice, you are certain to generate a certain amount of medical waste in your day-to-day patient care, and you must employ a company that specializes in removing infectious waste and disposing of it for you.

Medical Waste Disposal Companies

A quick checklist for choosing a medical waste disposal provider

Whether you evaluate your current provider or look to start a new practice, this quick checklist will help you find better service at a reasonable price Stump Blog.

Are the staff friendly?

Mostly, the quality of service is dependent on how friendly and helpful the staff is. Choose a company that cares about you as much as they do for commercial gains and make sure you gain answers for certain questions to check for their personal touch to their work. They must be quick to answer any questions you ask than be unsure of the care they’d provide. A company that cares is sure to make your work easier. Moreover, the drivers are the people who’d visit your office often. They must hence be neat in appearance, friendly to your staff and focused on their work. You can enquire with other medical or dental offices around to seek reviews of satisfaction with their disposal company.

Comb through the Contract

You must look through the contract for any potential pitfalls. You must check for any additional charges that they may add overtime after offering you an unbelievably low price for the service. To begin with, a simple contract won’t have you read beyond a couple of pages.


It would help if you also familiarize yourself with the cancellation policy. While most companies require to be informed 30 days before the end of the contract, some may require a 60-day window. If you do not adhere to this timeline, your contract may be automatically renewed. Also, send the cancellation through certified mail, so there are no complaints of the mail getting lost.

It would help if you also looked at any surcharges, including paperwork fees, maintenance fees, trip fees, etc. It is always best advised to choose an all-inclusive package. It is, however, normal for pickup services to add a fuel surcharge since fuel prices keep fluctuating. You must enquire about any additional surcharges since a company that charges an upfront fee will often be more convenient and cost-effective.

You should also check for any partial box policy. Most waste contractors will pick all the full boxes; however, if the box is partially full, the driver must pick it anyway. There might be a minimum charge per trip (normally one box). When drivers don’t pick the partial box but still bill it, you end up paying for it twice. You must hence ensure the driver picks a minimum of one box, even if partially full.

Mail Back Disposal

You may also check for prices at mail-back disposal if your practice is a smaller setup, located in rural areas, or does not generate much medical waste. You can end up saving money since it won’t require regular pickups, and you may send the box back once full. Moreover, you will not be bound by a contract.

This checklist can help you get the best deal if you’re looking for an independent medical waste disposal company with which to do business.