Things to Know about Sakshi Epaper

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a great name in the cricket world that is always taken with pride and respect. He is labeled as the coolest captain of team India. Not only a good professional in the field of cricket, but he is a fantastic and devoted family man too. He and his wife have a typical Bollywood love story that is a great inspiration. First, they met and then changed their ways to come together again forever. Most people know about MS Dhoni and Sakshi’s life story through his biopic, “MS Dhoni: The Untold Story.” Here, we share the whole story through the Sakshi Epaper that you may interest in knowing and let us how the love flows in their life. Let us see how a man who won the World cup for India got bowled over by his love of life, Sakshi Rawat, and how ms dhoni meets Sakshi.

Things to Know about Sakshi Epaper 1

Since Childhood

Even though Sakshi and Dhoni both knew each other from childhood, they did not fall in love until they grew up. Their fathers worked in the same company, “MECON,” located at Ranchi. Both the families share cordial relations, and they went to the same school too in Ranchi. After some time, Sakshi’s family shifted to Dehradun as her grandfather was staying over there. The two separated and could not stay in touch with each other after shifting, but destiny has something else to do.

Let us know how did dhoni meet Sakshi.

What a fate!

Kolkata is the city where the couple met after a long period of more than a decade, far from their place. The couple met incidentally at the Taj Bengal during the Indian team’s stay between November to December 2007. During that period, India had a match against Pakistan at the Eden Gardens. At the time, Sakshi worked as an intern at the Taj Bengal and was introduced to Dhoni by his manager, Yudhajit Dutta. Sakshi and Yudhajit, both friends. It was the destiny that took them in front of each other, but unfortunately, that day was the last day of internship at the Taj Bengal for Sakshi. When she left, then Dhoni took her number from Yudhajit and texted her. This is how Dhoni and Sakshi meet.

At first, Sakshi thought that the text was a prank as the message belonged to Dhoni, but after some time, she realized that it was the present captain of team India himself. It was difficult for Dhoni to be a friend of Sakshi as she was teased as a “hopeless romantic” by all her friends. She was the one who watched the movie “Twilight” 10x.

It took a lot of effort to conquer her lady’s heart, such as wooing and chasing for more than two months. The two started dating in March 2008, and she attended the birthday party Dhoni for the first time during that year. But due to a lot of guests at the party, he did not give much time to Sakshi, so he took her off for an hour from the friends and dropped her at the relative’s place where she is living for that time being.

A secret plan by Captain

Dhoni and Sakshi’s love affair was a secret, and the lips were sealed by everyone who even knew about it. After dating for a long period, they decided to get married, and the marriage was planned privately. The ring ceremony was organized at Hotel Competent in Dehradun on July 3rd, 2010. Even the media was unaware of the wedding day of Dhoni and Sakshi. The couple stepped into their married life on July 4th, 2010. Many friends of Dhoni from various fields such as politics, the film industry, and sports attended the marriage and blessed them too.

No one knew about Sakshi Dhoni until she tied the knot with MS Dhoni, India’s most eligible bachelor. He ordered a lehenga from Sabyasachi in red and green for the wedding day and was like a regular customer. After a salesgirl informed Sabyasachi about the special client, he knew about her and the wedding day. The wedding was held on July 4th, 2010, at Vishranti resort near Dehradun. A few guests who added spark on their wedding day included John Abraham, Farah Khan, Suresh Raina, Harbhajan Singh, Sharad Pawar, Ashish Nehra, and Vasundhara Raje.

The life of a wedding keeper from wicketkeeper

Post his marriage, the performance of Dhoni got better. Even though Sakshi loves sheering her husband on the ground from the stands, she prefers to stay out of the media’s updates. Even for MS Dhoni, it is good that Sakshi is not that much in the limelight as he wants to focus on his career as a cricketer. As per Dhoni, being a player life, Sakshi ranks at number third in his life. So, Sakshi is a pillar to his success and always be a support for him.

Marriage Innings

After getting married to Sakshi, the captain won two ICC World Cups for India and also be the most cherished person in 2011. He won IPL too. After achieving all success in his professional life, the couple became the proud parent of Ziva’s baby girl in 2015. The sweet daughter is also cheering her dad on all matches with his wife, Sakshi. Social media handles were filled with her photos, and she is charming too. Dhoni was in Australia for the World cup game when she was born.

Couple Goals

From being the coolest captain of Team India, Dhoni is a supporting husband too. Even Sakshi is not less as she inked the nickname of Dhoni on her left ear. They both have seen at various functions together, and indeed, Sakshi is lady luck for MS Dhoni. The couple makes an easy understanding and leads to an adorable couple. We hope they will live a blissful life ahead.