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Yes as you intimated, assistant psychologist Globe Inform posts aren’t that common – I discovered handiest a handful across the whole of britain and Wales nowadays at the NHS Jobs. As an end result, they can be extremely aggressive, with many applicants having some revel in of operating in an intellectual fitness role already.

Assistant psychologist posts will seem at the NHS Jobs website as well as the British Psychology Society’s website.

Your experience of operating with the Samaritans will no question be fine, however it’s miles a case of looking to benefit a few greater ‘latest’ revel in before making use of for assistant psychologist posts.

As you may be aware, the NHS in England is presently made of round 440 separate companies – trusts and health authorities – and each is an organization in its personal right.

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There are distinctive types of accept as true with – e.G. Acute (typically sanatorium) trusts; ambulance service trusts; number one care trusts (PCTs); mental fitness trusts and many others. An evidence of the extraordinary varieties of accept as true with may be located on the principle NHS website – mainly here:

If you are seeking revel in a psychology-associated area, then you can start with the intellectual fitness trusts and PCTs – as speakme treatment plans shape a big a part of healthcare in these enterprises.

With opposition being potentially very fierce for assistant psychologist posts, you have to take into account gaining enjoy in related roles. For instance, you be probably capable of gain enjoy of operating alongside therapists working in intellectual fitness (which includes arts therapists, psychotherapists) or intellectual health nurses, supporting to installation device for classes, As an example, or spending time speaking to sufferers on a one-to-one basis.

In terms of permanent paid employment, all NHS employers in England and Wales now market it their vacancies on the NHS Jobs internet site (above).

You can use the NHS Jobs internet site to search for vacancies on line; download activity descriptions (what the job entails) and character specs (what the corporation is looking for from applicants) and in addition records; practice online and register with the site to acquire unfastened electronic mail alerts when vacancies matching your criteria are first marketed.

No longer all the roles that can hobby you may always have the time period ‘assistant psychologist’ within the identify (indeed, much may not have the word ‘psychologist’ in the name. So whilst looking for vacancies, I would advise that you use the ‘advanced seek’ hyperlink from the house web page and attempt extraordinary seek terms within the capabilities’ area including – ‘psychologist’, ‘assistant psychologist’, “counselling‘, ‘substance misuse’, ‘forensic’, ‘speakme treatment options’, ‘low intensity’, ‘IAPT’, ‘talking therapy’, ‘mental health’, ‘assistant’ etc.

While marketing vacancies for body of workers, trusts and fitness government will indicate their requirements – in terms of qualifications, enjoy and capabilities – through the individual specification for the emptiness. You therefore need to check all people specification personally for the precise requirements.

Every other choice is voluntary paintings. Most NHS establishments depend heavily on volunteers and this can be an extremely good way to benefit enjoy in healthcare. A few trusts organise their voluntary work possibilities thru their human assets or mastering and improvement departments. Again, it is a case of contacting each consider personally.

Possibilities can also be to be had thru volunteer companies. You could strive (For example):

There also are possibilities within the impartial and private sectors, and in charities in addition to care-associated paintings in nearby government.

At the end of the day, clinical psychologists work as part of a crew of body of workers providing mental health care, inclusive of psychotherapists, occupational therapists, song therapists, speech and language therapists, psychiatrists, mental health nurses, counsellors, art therapists, social people, dramatherapists, healthcare assistants, therapy support employees and others. So there may be different roles that you can do not forget as a longer-time period profession alternative. You may like to have a take a look at our internet site.Nhs.united kingdom for greater information about these.

Subsequently, expansion of the Enhancing Access to Mental treatments (IAPT) initiative became introduced remaining 12 months and you may additionally discover it helpful to visit Nhs.united kingdom for more information approximately this and the type of opportunities which can be being supplied as an end result.

Any other poster Purplemoon had this to feature:
Simply to chip in my five cent: must you observe for an IAPT low-intensity post, test inside the agreement whether you have to commit yourself to operating on this capability for numerous years as this will interfere along with your plans to use for clinical. Or perhaps make clear to your interview that your lengthy-time period plan is scientific and ask them whether this could in any manner be a problem.

Every other manner to get properly medical revel in and supervision from scientific psychologists is to apply for Research Assistant/ Associate jobs. Courses look for applicants who’ve both clinical and Studies experience, and In case you are interviewing service users as a part of a study you get enjoy in both. Jobs. is a great website to test.

Rather, If you are in a Studies role with very little consumer touch, you may nevertheless be running with a number of clinicians and psychologists who can be able to set up an honorary contract with the local PCT/ Ft or intellectual fitness accept as true with and refer the bizarre patient to you and supervise you.

You said you have a 2:1 however Now not whether it’s far higher or decrease. Research the universities that you would love to use to as a lot of them now request that applicants have at least a higher 2:1 (UCL I assume defines this as sixty-seven.five% plus). I individually assume it’s far unfair to rule out students with low 2:1s however I suppose it is important to recognize that this is very regularly the case.

If you have a decrease 2:1 and definitely want to do scientific, then it would be really helpful to do an MSc in Research methods in psychology or something like that, even though you’ll want to aim for a difference to catch up on your first diploma.

Maximum Courses will explicitely kingdom these criteria on their web sites so high-quality take a look at what is to be had within the geographical regions you want to train in and see how to enhance your revel in for this reason.

But, those criteria are probably to exchange over the years and given the high call for education, the fashion in current years has been to don’t forget applicants with at least higher 2:1s.