Another World of Travel

Another world of travel doesn’t have to mean getting into a rocket and heading to Jupiter. Right here on planet Earth, there are plenty of worlds to travel to. You can travel in what I call the traditional way. Go to a travel agent, book your tickets, get an itinerary, schedule your vacation time, and then go about your world travel with everything planned for you.

Another world of travel is that of the backpacker. Backpackers like to think of themselves as independent, meaning that they choose where to go and how long to stay and don’t use the services of travel agents or trip bookers. However, in my experience, I find that most backpacking people aren’t independent. Many have schedules they need to follow; instead of a travel agent, they use their Lonely Planet or other guidebooks. Though they don’t like to admit it, they often have things planned out in just as much detail as the traditional vacationers.


Experience of Another World

This is a promise to experience another world of inexplicable colors, life, and feeling. However, you might have to go via Pondicherry! Scuba and water sports enthusiasts can explore amazing marine life and the world below the sea with Temple Adventures in the sunny French town. It’s been six years since the Temple Adventures team started unearthing the East Coast’s wonders. Amazing reefs and marine life only encouraged them to discover more spots and map them judiciously. World-class operations, experienced instructors, and the perfect scuba ambiance off the coast of Pondicherry have made them the ideal choice for divers worldwide.

With ocean temperatures hovering between 26–30°C, pack your shorts and get ready to make friends with a range of warm water fish. Encounters with barracudas, batfish, more, snakes, torpedo rays, triggerfish, groupers, nudibranchs, angelfish, butterflyfish, bannerfish, snappers, jacks, and the llikeare not uncommon. If you’re lucky, you may be part of the boat that spots a whale shark, manta or eagle ray, dogfish, turtles, groups of dolphins, or even something new that hasn’t been seen yet. But before this, there is a short and intensive program for beginners. You will have to sit through a class and sessions in a swimming pool before you can venture into dive sites like 4 Corners, Grouper’s Gorge, Shy Shark Reef, and others.


The South AAmericanterm quickly reminds you of lush tropical forests, exotic carnivals, mysterious civilizations, and amiable people. You can get scenic pictures of Rio de Janeiro, which has the color and drama of any metropolis from Asia yet resembles a modern European city. Some ttouristplaces include The Corcovado, The Sugar Loaf Mountain, and its white sandy beaches. Buenos Aires is another must-visit city; beautiful parks and buildings form part of this gorgeous place.

South Asia is also a region that has to be included when you travel around the world. Asia has been an exotic place for explorers since ttimeimmemorial. The unusual variety of landscapes and cultures, along with the traditions and food, can leave you breathless. Some tourist places are the Buddhist monasteries in Bangkok, the beautiful island of Sumatra, and the famous city of Kuala Lumpur, which has skyscrapers and colonial buildings. India and Sri Lanka can’t be left out of the scene since they have recently added to the world cruise map. Southeast Asia offers one of the best cruise destinations.

Adventure of Galapagos World

The Galapagos World Cruise gives you one of the most beautiful sets of islands worldwide. Each island differs from the other in some way. Some have rare animals and birds studied by Charles Darwin, who developed the Theory of Evolution. SMajoractivities include scuba diving, photography, snorkeling, and kayaking. This part of the world has very mild weather. Traveling with children to Gthe alapagos is a good choice since they will take more interest in nature. JPickone of the Galapagos Cruises is available, and you will have an unforgettable holiday.

While I have mentioned a few must-see regions, I will add a few recommendations. Travel insurance is a must for this kind of trip. Also, it is recommended that you book for world cruises well in advance since they become sold out easily. Bring comfortable clothing and make sure it can be used for multiple occasions. Despite all these things, taking a world cruise to travel worldwide is an experience I will never forget.

It is always exciting to read the stories or see the pictures wthatother travelers post on the internet. IThey inspireus to see more about the world and get to know it more deeply. The world is magic. It breeds the whole world population, yet people know quite a little about it. Explorers have probed the world from ancient times to today but are still surprised every time because they can always find something new and amazing.

People usually visit places of interest. They are like a routine that must be finished. We will go to our ddreamplace to get married, spend our honeymoon and have a great birthday party. Not only will the places be a lot, but also awe wiry we will also know more about its people and make friends with them if possible. You will find another look at the world or another life for people to live.

It will increase our life experience or broaden our horizons. We will know that not all people in the world live the same lives as us. Sometimes, this may be quite the opposite. We may get shocked in some cases. If we are in modern society, we will find how people hold opinions in some places. You can never imagine nowadays athat wife shall be buried with her dead husband. But this may happen in some pareasin India.

As for the people you will meet while traveling, you will find something common as a human being yet something entirely different due to different beliefs or traditions. Western people mostly believe in God, while Eastern people believe in Buddha. You will learn how people think in other countries where they do not have certain beliefs. By tracing back to history, you will discover why people sometimes behave in a way you could not understand.

Visitors will see tatural landscapes in the places he goes to and the people he will face during the journey. You will see tot scenes if you go to Indonesia. You will experience the beautiful ice and snow world if you go to the North Pole. You will meet traditional and conservative people in eEasterncountries. You will see tpen-minded and enthusiastic people if you are in Mexico.

In short, the world is magic, and nature is a miracle. It would be perfect if we could go to all the places when we are alive. But even this may not be true; we shall not be sad because, anyway, we have led a life in this magic place and maybe leave something behind. It is the gift or legacy we give to our descendants.

Of course, the classic rant of tourist vs. traveler has some merit. Traveler are flexible in their plans. They usually forgo the comforts of expensive hotels for other means of finding a place to sleep. At the same time, they travel the world, and most importantly, they tend to interact directly with the cultures and ppeoplethey encounter. I’m not saying which is better since I’ve done both and have found that each has a time and a purpose. The truth is that you can get another world of travel just by changing the way you look at the world.